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2009: 12.25 quiet fields of snow remain in london's clissold park
2009: 11.30 sunday people watching on brick lane in shoreditch
2009: 11.23 shoreditch on a cold and wet november afternoon
2009: 11.17 the skies clear just before dusk in the city of london
2009: 11.12 late night bus diversion in traffic on bloomsbury way
2009: 11.10 winter's chill and the shorter days darken london
2009: 11.04 crossing over the river thames under stormy skies
2009: 11.02 autumn leaves hint at color as london gets chilly
2009: 10.28 women in the morning rain at highbury and islington
2009: 10.24 tube riders underground at kings cross st pancras
2009: 10.18 a few last indulgences from of our time in tuscany
2009: 10.12 there's something about a leaning tower that compels
2009: 10.09 small town life with family and friends in tuscany
2009: 10.04 cafe hopping on a quiet afternoon in florence italy
2009: 09.30 people watching at the panzano in chianti wine fest
2009: 09.28 scenes from september in the italian countryside
2009: 09.18 where soho meets chinatown: london late in the evening
2009: 09.10 walking this way in the sun on the edge of soho
2009: 09.02 variations on london: country flora, city fauna
2009: 08.29 two in the great court of the british museum
2009: 08.21 david byrne's playing the building in london
2009: 08.18 midafternoon sidewalks in the neighborhood
2009: 08.10 older east londoners just north of dalston junction
2009: 08.03 perfect weather for our court sejour in paris
2009: 07.30 sunny scenes along the seine's paris plage
2009: 07.21 historic sites paved over in the city of london
2009: 07.14 dog-eared details from hackney's west side
2009: 07.11 the old factory spaces on orsman road in hoxton
2009: 07.08 sunny afternoon sidewalks up at highbury corner
2009: 07.03 type on the walls around old street in hackney
2009: 06.28 carter's famous royal berkshire steam fair at clissold park
2009: 06.25 watching women from moorgate to farringdon
2009: 06.20 at the old royal navy college in greenwich
2009: 06.08 slow change: the current state of dalston lane
2009: 05.22 isolated incidents up at clissold park, hackney
2009: 05.19 on the north end of kingsland road in dalston
2009: 04.18 snapshots from the mitte and a bit west in berlin
2009: 04.11 prenzlauer berg street market stroller traffic
2009: 04.08 on the move in east berlin's prenzlauer berg
2009: 03.30 an afternoon watching kids chase bubbles in berlin
2009: 03.23 furry creatures enjoy city life along the thames river
2009: 03.12 85mm closeups in the crowds on london's brick lane
2009: 02.28 another city behind us: a last post from paris
2009: 02.23 a small collection of odd parisian building fronts
2009: 02.20 the white city has a way of being colorful on gray days
2009: 02.12 LA's south broadway, from 9th street up to 3rd
2009: 02.09 street life along south broadway in downtown la
2009: 02.02 walking the new neighborhood in record london snowfall






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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