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updated 10.22 at 15:29

:: Queen Mary 2 arrives at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
yummy fog shot on newyorkology.

:: _MG_0180_wts
more tree shadows. beautiful shot in brooklyn by laura holder.

:: september 11th roots
This is a bronze cast of a tree which was at the northwest corner of St. Paul's Church which was demolished during the terrorist attacks of September 11th. - plemeljr on flickr.

:: double tree in gowanus
minimalism at blue jake.

:: Up With Grups
During the dot-com boom, businesses not only allowed people to come to work in clothes they might usually wear to clean out the attic but encouraged this as a celebration of youthful vivacity and an upheaval of the fusty corporate order. Suits were thought to be the provenance of, well, suits. The dot-com bubble burst, but the aesthetic remained, as part of the ongoing rock star-ification of America. Three-day stubble and shredded jeans are the now-familiar symbols of the most desirable kind of affluence and freedom. So why would anyone dress up anymore?

:: China Daily on ziboy.com
a nice article on Wen Ling, and the power of international observations through photoblogging... sharing lives from abroad. via lightningfield, who's also mentioned.

:: Gordon Parks, a Master of the Camera, Dies at 93
...the photographer, filmmaker, writer and composer who used his prodigious, largely self-taught talents to chronicle the African-American experience and to retell his own personal history, died yesterday at his home in Manhattan. He was 93.

:: street
black and white street photography by markus hartel on flickr.

:: A Love Affair With The City
My work featured in Friday morning's Metro newspaper, page 8. (March 3rd issue: pdf here - 4.5mb).


A very special thank you to Paul Berger for such a lovely New York City send-off.
:: M_H_sn1
Medium format in a blizzard or how to kill a Hasselblad in 20 minutes...

:: 342: waiting for a late night train
Mike and me underground in Brooklyn, taken by Red sometime in 2003.

:: a year in pictures
perhaps the most flattering thing my photoblog has ever brought: i'm featured in a comic strip.

:: good news for photobloggers: you can sell your shots
local, current legislation: ...New York's right-to-privacy laws prohibit the use of someone's likeness for commercial purposes without the person's permission. But if the likeness is deemed to be art, the commerce restrictions do not apply.

:: LED Throwies
...and how to make them, from the folks at Graffiti Research Lab and Eyebeam R&D, via gothamist.

:: runway
like a scene from a movie, from streetzen.

:: people having seriously more fun than us
smitten's midair take on the blizzard in central park.

:: Congrats Mike and Rion
...and endless thank you's back.

:: we got married.
nakaya/cosentino on flickr.

:: photos tagged with "kentile"
a favorite sign on the brooklyn landscape, on flickr.

:: Second Avenue Kosher Delicatessen (1954-2006)
Keith Kin Yan's photo report on the end of an era, at Curbed's Eater.

:: caught red pawed
humorous storytelling by KTB on flickr.

:: DSC00808.JPG
david wins a prize for the "best skinny angle" shot.

:: the New York Yacht Club
beautiful interior photos by Walter Dufresne of a building just down the street from my office.

:: nyc photobloggers: new work, new york
my stuff is neither "new" nor "work" but i'll have two prints showing nonetheless: thursday 7-9pm at the chrystie street gallery.

:: new york changing:
awesome photography over time, Douglas Levere rephotographs Berenice Abbott's pictures of 1930s New York, via the Morning News.

:: walk the tunnel:
bluejake covers the Campaign to End AIDS' protest walk through the lincoln tunnel.

:: photobooth faces:
those are some glasses alright.

:: #268:
streetzen within the parade.

:: lauraholder.com
i'm so enjoying laura's fresh photo/blog redesign, photos, and links. go see.

:: orange couch, astoria
textured street still life by untitled name.

:: lost: a very cute puppy xxx small
david gallagher captures a brooklyn street sign on flickr.
:: gone but not forgotten
demolished or destroyed New York.
:: new york 2005
low resolution's still life street shots of nyc on flickr.
:: blue mike c
meccapixel guestposts on bluejake.
:: muggles and wizards take over!
Joe Holmes covers the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince midnight book release at Scholastic's SoHo headquarters.
:: the fog
a phenomenal mexican pictures skyline of lower manhattan from raul.
:: jump
"This little guy was guarding a laundry center, and was jumping like mad." at grubby kid.
:: nyc photobloggers 4 on flickr
joe holmes rocks a who's who fisheye.
:: look who's back
meccapixel comes out of winter hibernation.
:: new york city photobloggers 4
eliot shepard, go lertworachon, jay parkinson, jenene chesbrough, keith kin yan, raul gutierrez, and travis ruse: this friday, 7pm, at the apple store, new york city.
:: visual thesaurus projection
how data visualization can spice up your party.
:: peak. unease.
smudo on greene street in nyc.
:: rainbow
jesse chan-norris above the city.
:: bill clinton lets his anger over a column show
since when are new york times articles written like rumor-mongering blog entries?
:: sunset trapeze
perfect moment caught by a phonecam on the west side.
:: nyc graffiti bike tour
sunday riding in brooklyn and queens.
:: I wish to inform you...
a lovely, simple, emotive image.
:: tree vanity
"...we adorned the 50 trees that line Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from north 4th to north 10th with vanity necklaces showing their common names... How many trees that you pass every day can you identify?"
:: 5 train, manhattan
graffiti'd subway car. everything new is old again.
:: hand out
great depth of field.
:: newyorkphotoblog.com
martin fuchs is up and running at magnum.
:: rock center covered over
what i see covers midtown.
:: surveillance 4
a beat experience in soho.
:: take her
a gophotoblog portrait. one in a tagteam photoblogger series from coney island.
:: taxi crash
trevor little on the scene.
:: express train
quarlo's photo of travis ruse.
:: taste of chinatown 2005
the chaos of the plates by 114th.net.
:: red chair
snowbound color, from kamau in march.
:: chico - pope john paul II
on avenue b & houston in nyc, a vibrant catch at trevorlittle.
:: hester sunshine in her apartment, brooklyn nyc
so brooklyn, and yet so universal.
:: ..: . rion.nu | photobloggers meet up . :..
in david's del.icio.us: "3 years ago this week, Rion and I organized what was most likely the world's first photoblogger gathering. We were all so innocent then." so true.
:: MTA fails to pass subway photo ban
Ten months after the MTA first warned photographers to prepare to keep their lenses covered when descending into the subway, the agency board has not passed its controversial ban on unauthorized photography.
:: trader joes coming to manhattan
joy! now will their prices stay la or rise to nyc level?
:: she is even known here in austria
i guess it's my new tagline?
:: untitled self portrait
kdunk in vibrant color.
:: crossing delancy
quiet irony at quarlo.
:: aqua hat and scarf
a nouveau portrait at dark shapes prowl.
:: portrait of Everett
a great expression caught by 114th.net.
:: petey at the gates
catching some snowballs...
:: buy a house...
not a ring that i bling.
:: 24in48.org
it's on. go look now!
:: express train
a three month old photoblog documenting travis ruse's nyc subway commute, via joe holmes.
:: satellite photo of the gates in central park
via kottke. better than the gates, i'm actually more into the way the lakes look frozen.
:: over shoulder
another portrait from adam.
:: page 49
blank, made-up faces.
:: the year of the Rooster and 4703
cucumber; eggplant; peanuts; beef with tofu and eggs; duck (with dipping sauce); chicken; loofa with fresh bamboo shoots, mushrooms...
:: hello
cutie through the window, from jcn.
:: guest checks
114th.net, waiting for take out.
:: hudson ice
karlo gets in close on nyc's frozen river.
:: MTA keeps vigilant watch over "harold and kumar"
see, this is one of the reasons why they don't want people taking photos in the subways.
:: dark puppet
magnetomotive reports on the super-sized puppets within the arch at grand army plaza, brooklyn.
:: idiotarod
possibly genius.
:: dave
from sean sheridan in brooklyn.
:: from regarding clementine
yeah, i can't really explain this one. from slower.
:: times square station
joe catches a moment in the day of a subway musician.
:: nyc photobloggers 2
currently featured on vanityfair.com.
:: only in new york
people-watching with swissmiss.
:: bread pornography
photos from sullivan st bakery, via everythingny.
:: new york is so crowded, everybody's deserted it
dissecting the two faces of nyc, ours and theirs.
:: santa
great shot by 114th.net. go see.
:: spiderman working on the side
i like how he's all balanced on his toes.
:: help pale male
numbers are available on the site to call the mgmt company to request the return of pale male's nest. more info here.

:: moma 6
overshadowed covers visitor reactions at new york city's new museum of modern art.

:: penn station kiss
meccapixel captures a moment.

:: lincoln place, brooklyn
okay, what's goin' on there?

:: quarlo
still rockin it.

:: wayward kermit
a great shot from yoni brook for the new york times.

:: rain 2
keith captures rainy manhattan.

:: williamsburg photo bribery
youngna trades portraits for lollypops in brooklyn.

:: the following people are great
...no one is as great as they are. carte blanche pedicure from the street.

:: 24 in 48
the 48 hour group moblog of 24 new yorkers.

:: central park west
lovely night shots from ixtayul.

:: the new moma...
photos from tien, who must be patient to have waited in such a long line.

:: sheer numbers
the first four... from ixtayul at metroplus.
:: blogging and the arts
david gallagher and others in the hotseat on the impact of blogs on art and artists, tues nov 23 at 6:30pm at the new museum in chelsea...
:: chengwin vs chunk
extreme oddity on lafayette and spring.
:: lisa bonet
from a distance, but with annotations for clarity, by kdunk.
:: hudson: 1049
swanky manhattan hotel room documented by positive-negative.
:: from the empire state building
yeah, i just never get sick of this view.
:: three ladies on halloween
gothampixel captures something out of the late 1700s.
:: autumn 1
nyc art collective's yummy polarizer
:: warriors halloween
williamsburg's homage to a classic 1979 b-movie, photographed by 990000.com.
:: at the met
citying.com goes citying at the metropolitan museum of art in new york city.
:: shrimp51
large marine crustacean in midtown manhattan, caught by cornershots.
:: east fourteenth street
rosary man captured by joe's nyc.
:: city hall station
bluejake covers the centennial open house of a 1904 subway station that's been off-limits for 55 years.
:: television shadow and high heels
nostalgic imagery from a sidewalk series by eltee (aka ms. laura holder).
:: harlem
the glow of the streets in east harlem from above, by photo.bwong.net.
:: subway moment
meccapixel observes on the downtown (R) train
:: tozzer on spring street
a classic new york moment if there ever was one.

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