2010: 09.30 internal dialogues in the streets across london
2010: 09.09 shirtless and looking for attention at oxford circus
2010: 08.19 among the midweek crowds on camden high street
2010: 07.17 early evening light illuminates the intersection
2010: 07.15 hardened expressions in the crowds of oxford circus
2010: 05.18 in the afternoon outside of kings cross saint pancras
2010: 02.15 paused and reconsidered in traffic on kingsland road
2010: 01.30 east london's broadway market on a saturday morning
2010: 01.29 among the cold and gray of east london in january
2010: 01.18 on display and waiting for something to happen
2010: 01.10 wayfarers prospect at dalston's ridley road market
2009: 11.30 sunday people watching on brick lane in shoreditch
2009: 11.23 shoreditch on a cold and wet november afternoon
2009: 10.28 women in the morning rain at highbury and islington
2009: 09.30 people watching at the panzano in chianti wine fest
2009: 09.18 where soho meets chinatown: london late in the evening
2009: 09.10 walking this way in the sun on the edge of soho
2009: 09.02 variations on london: country flora, city fauna
2009: 08.18 midafternoon sidewalks in the neighborhood
2009: 08.10 older east londoners just north of dalston junction
2009: 07.30 sunny scenes along the seine's paris plage
2009: 06.25 watching women from moorgate to farringdon
2009: 06.08 slow change: the current state of dalston lane
2009: 05.19 on the north end of kingsland road in dalston
2009: 03.12 85mm closeups in the crowds on london's brick lane
2009: 02.28 another city behind us: a last post from paris
2009: 02.09 street life along south broadway in downtown la
2008: 10.07 la pluie de paris: under umbrellas on the left bank
2008: 09.29 another glimpse of what it's like to live in paris
2008: 09.17 people watching on a no flash corner in paris
2008: 08.19 watching who's left on the left bank in august
2008: 07.03 people alone with a multitude of city backdrops
2008: 06.26 black and white in color on the streets of paris
2008: 05.01 people watching around place de la republique
2008: 04.18 in the paris streets on five separate afternoons
2008: 03.23 making our way home in the cold wet rain of paris
2008: 02.14 heavy shadows stretch across an everyday neighborhood in paris
2008: 01.13 a paris profile: winter in the sun on the streets
2007: 10.09 worn and weary at athens' monastiraki flea market
2007: 10.01 bustling vendor activity on the streets of athens
2007: 06.14 passing the day: leisure and exploration in paris
2007: 06.11 crosswalk watching in the bustling center of paris
2007: 05.27 bern people watching, and the side effects of being a constant tourist
2007: 05.16 action. interactions. suppositions. reading stories from afar in paris
2007: 05.13 peering amongst the dead at le cimetiere du pere lachaise
2007: 04.22 urban corners of a northern spanish city
2007: 04.17 umbrellas in the rainy streets of bilbao spain
2007: 03.05 people watching and walking in the daily london streets
2006: 12.12 street photography in the crowds of montparnasse
2006: 03.25 people at work in the streets of chinatown new york city
2006: 03.07 hustling & hanging out: midday life on eighth avenue
2005: 10.31 in the darkened streets of the city on all hallow's eve
2005: 10.14 wet city strangers walk in the shadows of the storm






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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