2011: 03.31 after the finish line at the oakland running festival
2008: 06.22 a marriage at the mairie for jessica and liam
2007: 03.03 a parisian cotton candy on the parc du champ de mars
2007: 02.23 camera mugging in the big sky gardens of versailles
2007: 02.06 some gal time to brighten the sunlight in amsterdam
2006: 11.19 street artists with a free reign on the beach in venice
2006: 09.27 talking with alix laveau as she works on the pantheon
2006: 09.12 portraits and reminiscence from a warm season in japan
2006: 06.25 faces of pride in paris at the 2006 gay pride parade
2006: 06.06 bright people and colors in a small village hospital
2006: 03.07 hustling & hanging out: midday life on eighth avenue
2006: 01.31 in 2006 on the last morning of january, we got married
2005: 12.23 shutter speed cant keep up with how fast they grow
2005: 12.15 portraits of kiera and kevin in snowy central park
2005: 12.05 the darkened czech city of prague in black & white
2005: 11.02 portraits of my mother on a fall day in central park
2005: 10.19 on a third floor on 48th street: carlo builds and repairs instruments
2005: 10.06 protesting through jazz: charlie hayden at blue note
2005: 09.29 chess intensity reigns at the tables in bryant park
2005: 09.18 deacon lambey officiates over sacred heart baptisms
2005: 09.13 julia slices mangos to make cold juice in the island heat
2005: 09.10 living an island life in the sun of the belizean cayes
2005: 09.08 alex cleans freshly caught fish on the belize beach edge
2005: 08.24 private worlds, public views: in the streets of manhattan
2005: 08.16 portraits in the details of dollmaker rosa pomar
2005: 08.07 wandering the streets of georgetown with wangari
2005: 08.01 the president's neighbor marks 24 years of protest
2005: 07.11 times square in the late hours of the evening
2005: 07.05 good day for a baptism and a bbq in a back yard in jersey
2005: 06.23 each shaved ice made fresh on an east village corner
2005: 06.18 afternoon ode to film & the medium format hasselblad
2005: 05.26 close up on the details of a new york city street fair
2005: 05.16 watching the expressions in moments with my father
2005: 05.08 goth and lolita sunday styles from the girls at harajuku
2005: 05.03 portraits of young women in the streets of tokyo
2005: 04.05 white kanjo drinks sake in the afternoon with friends
2005: 03.31 portraits of the japanese surf set at onjuku beach
2005: 03.17 photos of wendy and erin in a parking lot in soho
2005: 02.28 photobloggers at the gates: youngna in saffron scenery
2005: 02.24 photobloggers at the gates: joe, chris, adam and kamau
2005: 02.21 photobloggers at the gates: snow & satan's laundromat
2005: 02.03 a man, a guitar, bunny ears & a view of the city at sunset
2005: 02.02 listening as ben strums to dylan in the west village
2005: 01.29 havoc hits fulton ferry pier for the 2005 nyc idiotarod
2005: 01.23 fresh snow for a snowball fight in sunny central park
2005: 01.22 trekking through the blizzardy chelsea snow with Michael
2005: 01.16 as we all crowd around to meet justin on his first day
2005: 01.09 observations of julie in the calm of her sunday rituals
2005: 01.04 playing saxophone in the hell's kitchen playground
2004: 12.20 brendan the pretty good performs in union square
2004: 12.09 inside outside above ground below ground: londontown
2004: 12.07 diane mourns her old best friend with new puppy lucy
2004: 11.30 maria and matt at a bar in london's shoreditch scene
2004: 11.28 terry sets a wall of bricks for flats in st john's wood
2004: 11.23 expression, art, & still life on the streets of london
2004: 11.16 watching the conversations through kiera's expressions
2004: 11.07 runners celebrate finishing the new york city marathon
2004: 10.20 downtown sets a backdrop for portraits of wangari
2004: 09.23 with a camera on them, matt and pam can't stay serious
2004: 09.16 grins, freckles & phenom freckles with pete & hilary
2004: 09.15 capturing a moment with annie & gordon in the shade
2004: 08.12 dusk portraits of flynn on a balcony in battery park
2004: 07.28 tattoo'd strangers on the boardwalk at coney island
2004: 07.23 school playground: swings and scowly cali kid portraits
2004: 07.16 dawn drinks tea on a lazy lower east side afternoon
2004: 04.28 wangari relaxes in the sun on the mall in washington dc






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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