2009: 08.03 perfect weather for our court sejour in paris
2009: 07.30 sunny scenes along the seine's paris plage
2009: 02.28 another city behind us: a last post from paris
2009: 02.23 a small collection of odd parisian building fronts
2009: 02.20 the white city has a way of being colorful on gray days
2008: 12.29 from a terrace high above the 11th arrondissement
2008: 10.29 regarding paris as we get ready to move (again)
2008: 10.20 last greens in the jardin as the sun shines sideways
2008: 10.16 walking the food market in paris' 14th arrondissement
2008: 10.09 nonrepetitive repetition on the last warm days of fall
2008: 10.07 la pluie de paris: under umbrellas on the left bank
2008: 09.29 another glimpse of what it's like to live in paris
2008: 09.25 wandering down to the brocante in butte aux cailles
2008: 09.20 brunching in butte aux cailles at l'oisive the
2008: 09.17 people watching on a no flash corner in paris
2008: 09.09 the weekend brunch scene up along the canal
2008: 09.07 with the ladies to celebrate bommy's baby girl
2008: 09.04 the old architecture museum of paris' left bank
2008: 08.30 that signature style of life in the parks of paris
2008: 08.24 seeing friends off on their final night in paris
2008: 08.19 watching who's left on the left bank in august
2008: 07.30 paris is getting quiet again... it must be the end of july
2008: 07.08 summer brocante along the canal saint-martin
2008: 07.03 people alone with a multitude of city backdrops
2008: 06.26 black and white in color on the streets of paris
2008: 06.22 a marriage at the mairie for jessica and liam
2008: 05.17 what i've been doing as of late with my time in paris
2008: 05.06 with a dash more realism added to paris' spring
2008: 05.01 people watching around place de la republique
2008: 04.18 in the paris streets on five separate afternoons
2008: 04.13 hooked up: bicycles on the streets of paris
2008: 04.06 time marches forward in a city that prefers constancy
2008: 03.29 views from paris' high line: the promenade plantee
2008: 03.23 making our way home in the cold wet rain of paris
2008: 03.20 a walk on the parc du champ de mars with the family
2008: 03.11 on the smaller streets near montparnasse on a gray day
2008: 03.08 out and about on a cold crisp and clear march day
2008: 02.19 parisian landscapes in the remains of the day
2008: 02.14 heavy shadows stretch across an everyday neighborhood in paris
2008: 02.11 year of the rat festivities take over paris' chinatown
2008: 02.09 snapshots in the dark in the city of light
2008: 02.02 sunny 6eme vignettes in the neighborhood of saint sulpice
2008: 01.26 wandering the streets of montmartre as dusk nears
2008: 01.20 foosball in the park on rue du faubourg saint antoine
2008: 01.13 a paris profile: winter in the sun on the streets
2008: 01.10 in the back rooms of a small bar in paris' 11eme
2008: 01.01 party light in the city of lights on new years eve
2007: 12.25 sunlit christmas scenes from the streets of paris
2007: 12.21 winter touches the fountain in the jardin du luxembourg
2007: 12.10 from behind the scenes of paris' hidden kitchen
2007: 11.06 the more humble details in the walkways of paris
2007: 11.01 wet and rainy autumn in the jardin du luxembourg
2007: 09.17 looking down, looking up: paris without its people
2007: 09.13 endless city seas of light, shadow, and texture
2007: 09.10 tourists pose on the western edge of place de la concorde
2007: 09.03 bloody marys, john kerry, and salsa in a hidden kitchen
2007: 08.30 the summer social scene among men at the jardin
2007: 08.27 monday morning on the stairs of la grande arche
2007: 08.19 still reflections of paris daily life for those that stay behind
2007: 08.08 in the streets along the canal in the north of paris
2007: 08.06 a metallic sphere that reflects the sky (and everything else around)
2007: 07.22 a celebration at le train bleu for bommy and john
2007: 07.15 protesters march for liberte, egalite, et fraternite on bastille day
2007: 07.13 still life environments in some of paris' quiet corners
2007: 06.14 passing the day: leisure and exploration in paris
2007: 06.11 crosswalk watching in the bustling center of paris
2007: 06.06 brunching with friends in an apartment in paris
2007: 05.16 action. interactions. suppositions. reading stories from afar in paris
2007: 05.13 peering amongst the dead at le cimetiere du pere lachaise
2007: 05.10 all the photographs to be had in london and paris
2007: 04.11 north african architectural detail in la Grande Mosquee de Paris
2007: 04.08 an afternoon in the spring sun at Bois de Vincennes
2007: 03.26 sans-papiers solidarity after a school principal's arrest
2007: 03.24 manif in the rain to fight violence against women
2007: 03.21 spring lurks about in the gray winter light of paris
2007: 03.03 a parisian cotton candy on the parc du champ de mars
2007: 02.05 taking a train from gare du nord in the morning hours
2007: 01.31 exposed for all to see in the daily public places of paris
2007: 01.26 soft magic afternoon light the way that only paris does
2006: 12.20 in the name of don quixote parisian homeless find hope
2006: 12.17 paris through the details: a visually-themed collection
2006: 12.12 street photography in the crowds of montparnasse
2006: 12.09 the sun brings saturation (and haze) to the white city
2006: 12.03 eiffel illuminations ascend into the foggy early winter
2006: 11.14 dusk skies over paris and the last photo my camera took
2006: 11.06 paris is not so very different from new york city afterall
2006: 11.02 terrace tourist watching from the palais de chaillot terrace
2006: 10.29 paris aglow carnival style lumiere la nuit in the 7eme
2006: 10.26 action amidst the hues of an overcast day in the tuileries
2006: 10.18 intricately piled bones and skulls in paris' catacombs
2006: 10.15 the stalls of paris brocante under the metro in the 15eme
2006: 10.10 the city with a delicate light and the qualities of dreams
2006: 10.08 light on a sleepless night paris a nuit on nuit blanche
2006: 10.05 palm branches & cedras for sukkot on la rue des rosiers
2006: 10.03 fall colors take hold of the leaves at the center of paris
2006: 09.29 refining a vocabulary of visuals for paris in action
2006: 09.27 talking with alix laveau as she works on the pantheon
2006: 09.25 leviathan thot: ernesto neto's anthropomorphic pantheon installation
2006: 09.21 warm september sunlight at le jardin du luxembourg
2006: 09.19 afternoon sketches from the everyday in paris
2006: 09.15 paris darkness descends upon a seine bateau ride
2006: 07.26 feathers friends invention le fete des poulet commence
2006: 07.19 insects by the thousands organized and categorized
2006: 07.16 among watchguards of le cimetiere du pere-lachaise
2006: 07.10 quiet unrelated moments align in the 11eme of paris
2006: 07.05 parc des buttes chaumont for a paris summer picnic
2006: 06.30 solitary commuting on the midday paris underground
2006: 06.25 faces of pride in paris at the 2006 gay pride parade
2006: 06.22 fete de la musique prompts parties in the paris streets
2006: 04.28 black and white postcards from the streets of paris
2006: 04.23 two are anew on the steps of st etienne du mont
2006: 04.19 high contrast structures and the parisian pilgrimage
2006: 04.15 slowing down for all of the parisian life details
2006: 04.13 wandering up the steps of basilique du sacre coeur
2006: 04.11 the tail end of local news: protesting the cpe strikes
2006: 02.10 a photoblogging preview: nyc, we're moving to paris






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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