2010: 09.30 internal dialogues in the streets across london
2010: 08.19 among the midweek crowds on camden high street
2010: 07.15 hardened expressions in the crowds of oxford circus
2010: 05.18 in the afternoon outside of kings cross saint pancras
2010: 03.28 great eastern street to holloway road to dalston
2010: 01.29 among the cold and gray of east london in january
2010: 01.23 i'm a photographer, not a terrorist! mass photo gathering in london
2010: 01.02 couples flirt in covent garden despite the rain
2009: 11.23 shoreditch on a cold and wet november afternoon
2009: 10.24 tube riders underground at kings cross st pancras
2009: 10.12 there's something about a leaning tower that compels
2009: 09.30 people watching at the panzano in chianti wine fest
2009: 09.18 where soho meets chinatown: london late in the evening
2009: 08.10 older east londoners just north of dalston junction
2009: 03.23 furry creatures enjoy city life along the thames river
2009: 02.28 another city behind us: a last post from paris
2008: 09.04 the old architecture museum of paris' left bank
2008: 08.19 watching who's left on the left bank in august
2008: 08.11 versailles in the summer is just too crowded
2008: 07.15 waiting in a series of large rooms at three airports
2008: 05.01 people watching around place de la republique
2007: 07.13 still life environments in some of paris' quiet corners
2007: 06.14 passing the day: leisure and exploration in paris
2007: 06.11 crosswalk watching in the bustling center of paris
2007: 05.16 action. interactions. suppositions. reading stories from afar in paris
2007: 05.13 peering amongst the dead at le cimetiere du pere lachaise
2007: 04.22 urban corners of a northern spanish city
2007: 04.19 fish vendors serve the locals in bilbao's riverside market
2007: 03.24 manif in the rain to fight violence against women
2007: 03.09 chutes and museum goers at the tate modern in london
2007: 03.05 people watching and walking in the daily london streets
2007: 02.05 taking a train from gare du nord in the morning hours
2007: 01.31 exposed for all to see in the daily public places of paris
2007: 01.18 a city of textures and worn surfaces in every direction
2007: 01.13 a common reaction in emperor hadrian's 125 a.d. pantheon
2007: 01.05 down to earth moments in the vicinity of vatican city
2006: 12.12 street photography in the crowds of montparnasse
2006: 10.18 intricately piled bones and skulls in paris' catacombs
2006: 10.15 the stalls of paris brocante under the metro in the 15eme
2006: 10.05 palm branches & cedras for sukkot on la rue des rosiers
2006: 09.25 leviathan thot: ernesto neto's anthropomorphic pantheon installation
2006: 08.26 late night smoke & sake in a small bar in shibuya ebisu
2006: 06.01 riding the rails through small villages in japan
2006: 05.11 thousands flock to piazza san marco to feed the pigeons
2006: 04.28 black and white postcards from the streets of paris
2006: 04.07 extra shots from familiar moments in new york city
2006: 03.29 a small tofu shop serves up hot taho on mott street
2006: 03.25 people at work in the streets of chinatown new york city
2006: 02.13 two feet of winter white covers midtown manhattan






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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