2010: 10.10 reflecting on twenty one months in england
2010: 10.06 preoccupied in the center of bustling london
2010: 09.30 internal dialogues in the streets across london
2010: 09.09 shirtless and looking for attention at oxford circus
2010: 08.19 among the midweek crowds on camden high street
2010: 08.12 this polygraphic wonder performs the most delicate balancing act
2010: 07.19 an english summer in the lavender fields
2010: 07.17 early evening light illuminates the intersection
2010: 07.15 hardened expressions in the crowds of oxford circus
2010: 07.07 summer wandering the fields of black heath
2010: 07.02 in the summer heat around piccadilly circus
2010: 06.25 world cup fever takes over in the shoreditch streets
2010: 05.18 in the afternoon outside of kings cross saint pancras
2010: 01.29 among the cold and gray of east london in january
2010: 01.18 on display and waiting for something to happen
2010: 01.10 wayfarers prospect at dalston's ridley road market
2010: 01.04 off the beaten path locales from local life in london
2010: 01.02 couples flirt in covent garden despite the rain
2009: 11.30 sunday people watching on brick lane in shoreditch
2009: 11.23 shoreditch on a cold and wet november afternoon
2009: 11.12 late night bus diversion in traffic on bloomsbury way
2009: 11.10 winter's chill and the shorter days darken london
2009: 11.02 autumn leaves hint at color as london gets chilly
2009: 10.28 women in the morning rain at highbury and islington
2009: 10.24 tube riders underground at kings cross st pancras
2009: 09.30 people watching at the panzano in chianti wine fest
2009: 09.10 walking this way in the sun on the edge of soho
2009: 08.21 david byrne's playing the building in london
2009: 08.10 older east londoners just north of dalston junction
2009: 05.19 on the north end of kingsland road in dalston
2009: 03.12 85mm closeups in the crowds on london's brick lane
2008: 10.09 nonrepetitive repetition on the last warm days of fall
2008: 09.17 people watching on a no flash corner in paris
2008: 01.10 in the back rooms of a small bar in paris' 11eme
2007: 08.30 the summer social scene among men at the jardin
2007: 06.11 crosswalk watching in the bustling center of paris
2007: 03.21 spring lurks about in the gray winter light of paris
2006: 06.25 faces of pride in paris at the 2006 gay pride parade
2005: 12.12 an isolation-fueled poetry permeates the city of praha
2005: 12.10 12,000 stones 100,000 graves in prague's old jewish cemetery
2005: 12.09 dark passages illuminated: prague's st. vitus cathedral
2005: 12.05 the darkened czech city of prague in black & white
2005: 12.04 observations along the elder avenues of the czech capital
2005: 11.29 traveling back in time to the gothic city of prague
2005: 11.26 wandering the downtown streets of gotham at dusk
2005: 11.18 city life sidewalks on the upper east of central park
2005: 10.31 in the darkened streets of the city on all hallow's eve
2005: 10.06 protesting through jazz: charlie hayden at blue note
2005: 07.11 times square in the late hours of the evening
2005: 06.29 lonely disparity in the dusk of a bygone coney island
2005: 05.31 tales from a long weekend on the planet of manhattan
2005: 05.26 close up on the details of a new york city street fair
2005: 05.25 rips & tatters of practice on the shoes of young dancers
2005: 05.24 bellydancers shake up the street fair on 9th ave
2005: 05.12 every 7am in the morning at the tsukiji fish market
2005: 04.24 young japanese commuters in the current of keitai culture
2005: 03.20 phenom chocolates and treats at mariebelle's on prince street
2005: 01.19 documenting underground in the subways of new york city
2005: 01.13 nostalgia & noir glow in the dark of the las vegas desert
2004: 12.30 a dreamgirls holiday revue at ripples in long beach
2004: 12.24 examining the tide pools in cabrillo beach california
2004: 12.19 afternoon people watching at the met in new york city
2004: 12.16 spooky gnome statues sit on route 30 in pennsylvania
2004: 12.13 observations on deep glowy light as eve takes on london
2004: 11.30 maria and matt at a bar in london's shoreditch scene
2004: 11.22 horse riding at night on the carrousel at covent garden
2004: 11.17 upper west side & midtown as dusk falls upon the city
2004: 11.16 watching the conversations through kiera's expressions
2004: 11.10 evening activity around the fountain at lincoln center
2004: 10.31 fall colors and halloween decor in central new jersey
2004: 10.30 sleepy hollow & tarrytown on an all hallow's eve weekend
2004: 10.28 watching people in line for viewing high line views
2004: 10.25 chelsea market halls host halloween jackolanterns
2004: 10.22 borofsky's walking to the sky at rockefeller center
2004: 10.20 downtown sets a backdrop for portraits of wangari
2004: 10.18 snapshots from the files of everyday life in the city
2004: 10.11 neogothic details and the little church around the corner
2004: 10.10 new york city's society of mechanics and tradesmen
2004: 10.07 among chelsea flea market treasures with ben & karin
2004: 10.03 enjoying the rituals of an autumn sunday in the city
2004: 09.26 snapshots from a sunday in the central park zoo
2004: 09.23 with a camera on them, matt and pam can't stay serious
2004: 09.16 grins, freckles & phenom freckles with pete & hilary
2004: 09.15 capturing a moment with annie & gordon in the shade
2004: 09.10 watching people walk in the sun near one bowling green
2004: 09.07 appreciating the provincial: nyc gets back to normal
2004: 09.02 candlelight vigils mark the last evening of protest of the republican national convention's occupation
2004: 08.31 police arrest protesters watchdog groups guard
2004: 08.29 new yorkers take over nyc to protest bush and the rnc
2004: 08.18 watching women leave work at william street and old slip at 5pm
2004: 08.15 distance and depth of field lens tests in central park
2004: 08.12 dusk portraits of flynn on a balcony in battery park






Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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