copyright: rion nakaya /, london
copyright: rion nakaya /, london
copyright: rion nakaya /, london
copyright: rion nakaya /, london
copyright: rion nakaya /, london


Above, Oxford Circus people-watching in black and white. These were taken on the same day that I visited the Sally Mann exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery, which was small but moving, and surprisingly free. (It's up until the 19th of September.)

As an aside, I'm also happy to report that posts from London should increase for the next month, having been slowed in the last three months from a slightly rough first trimester that sapped much of my time and creative energy. (I'm now feeling much better, thank you.) However, it may get a bit interesting after that, as things appear to be afoot (once again). Stay tuned... and more Oxford Circus to come.

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Thursday 15 July 2010

hardened expressions in the crowds of oxford circus

15 July 10 @ 12:55
great collection of somber people. very nice.
15 July 10 @ 17:49
Congrats on the pregnancy! :) I must have missed that detail somewhere along the way. A fan and avid follwer, Theus
Theus G. //

31 July 10 @ 17:40
I love these street portraits!
07 March 13 @ 16:08
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12 July 13 @ 06:44
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