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Trafalgar Square in central London was lit up by flash bulbs as part of the demonstration against photographers being unfairly targeted by police after taking photos. They are usually questioned under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which allows officers to stop and search without the need for "suspicion" within designated areas in the UK.

More than 2,000 professional and amateur photographers took part in the protest organised by the group I'm a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!, many carrying placards bearing its name. -- The Guardian

More news at, and both photos and audio interviews at Kate Day's blog on, where she writes, "...European Court of Human Rights ruled that the stop and search powers detailed in this act breached the right to privacy. ...the European judgment reminds us that the extent to which we surrender civil liberties under anti-terror legislation is an issue that impacts us all, not just photographers."

Photos from participants popping up via Twitter searches #phnat and #mpg. And on this site, more protests.

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Saturday 23 January 2010

i'm a photographer, not a terrorist! mass photo gathering in london

23 January 10 @ 21:00
What a great series of photographs! Loving the V for Vendetta Reference!
Archie | Whateverland //

25 January 10 @ 02:45
Love the V-mask pic at the bottom.
25 January 10 @ 15:59
That must have been crazy.
01 February 10 @ 15:05
the guy with the cigar/hat.. pure style =)
like the in-the-crowd feeling of all of em
21 December 12 @ 03:50
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