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London: Whether it's the influence of the 2012 Olympics on the city's east side, or if it's the remainders of the economic boom's real estate push, Dalston appears to be changing from a quaint and ethnically diverse (but very run down) neighborhood, to one that has hipster 20-somethings, stroller-pushing moms, coffee shops doubling as nightly music venues, and cookie cutter highrises in all directions. (Sounds a bit familiar.) Looking forward to shooting the neighborhood before it changes completely.

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Monday 8 June 2009

slow change: the current state of dalston lane

09 June 09 @ 09:28
Hey, Rion -- how are you finding shooting London compared to shooting Paris?
09 June 09 @ 09:44
wonderful sequence of images.
09 June 09 @ 17:55
Joe! So far, it's easier in London. More like NYC. Busy streets, textured buildings, worn people, and the camera isn't too noticed. That vs our quartier in Paris where they're wary of cameras and so much of the city was manicured. (I miss those storybook Parisian shots, however.)
Rion //

10 June 09 @ 11:27
I thought there might be a difference in how the people feel about cameras. I'll be in Rome & Tuscany in a couple weeks -- we'll see whether the Italians mind being my subjects...
13 June 09 @ 09:30
The photos seem a little dark. Do you get that feeling while walking about, too? Just curious if that affects the mood of the shots or just a coincidence?
Adam //

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