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The biggest creative change about living in London is the great ease there is in taking photos on the street again. Where I had gotten used to my camera being perceived as an intrusion in the Parisian streets, here in London there are many people out with cameras, and no one seems to really notice (too much) when you go to shoot.

Or in the case of Brick Lane, some may be hoping for shutterbug attention. (It's a bit of a scene. But I'll leave that for some future post.)

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Thursday 12 March 2009

85mm closeups in the crowds on london's brick lane

12 March 09 @ 08:30
Hooray for shooting freely again! I missed your people shots in the streets. (I just picked up my first 85 (a 1.8) and now I'm inspired to take it to the streets.)
12 March 09 @ 09:31
hey rion, managed to chance upon your photoblog through a book about blogging! i know the likelihood of it but it's true. I'm awfully inspired by your works and I do hope to take on a similar project like yours next time when i travel! I'm from Singapore btw (wonder if you have heard about the country even) and you now know that you have a fan here! rock on!
daphne //

12 March 09 @ 19:00
so beautiful! i tried to visit spitalfields and the upmarket every sunday when i lived there-- keep the pictures coming : )
13 March 09 @ 13:45
When I was in Paris, I didn't really felt intruding the people of the streets while shooting. Maybe I am a tourist and most likely I am a rather insensitive tourist. London is definitely a very friendly place for photographers. At least no one will give you some weird stares like where I am living at the moment.
13 March 09 @ 23:21
Interesting shoots! I think a creative change is healthy, though I will really miss your Paris posts in the future. I really love what you're showing us of London though.
16 March 09 @ 05:34
Great!! I was eargerly waiting your first London post.. I am not disappointed! Keep it up.
Olivier //

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