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Last August in Paris and more Paris with no people on this site.

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Wednesday 30 July 2008

paris is getting quiet again... it must be the end of july

31 July 08 @ 09:25
I'm taking this as a good thing. As long as at least a few restaurants are still open!
31 July 08 @ 12:41
Ha... we were just in that photobooth Tuesday (not working at the time, though).
31 July 08 @ 17:31
Beautiful glad I discovered this site today.
the detangler //

31 July 08 @ 19:36
Paris in August is scary... no one around, feels like a ghost town.
31 July 08 @ 21:47
your capture of the desolation is beautiful
01 August 08 @ 14:03
the sense of quiet is wonderfully captured in these shots. love the blue walls bookending the set.
01 August 08 @ 14:42
Great set of images especially #2.
05 August 08 @ 18:56
Thanks a lot for the nice pictures, but also the great links in "currently viewing". I am very glad to have found these.
14 August 08 @ 23:54
My soon-to-be-bride and I will be coming soon. Per haps we can join photo 3 at the photo automat? I really enjoy your blog. Il m'aide pendant les jours quand Paris me manque.
15 August 08 @ 17:25
not as nice as yours, i got an empty shot of the rer B cite universitaire station in early august, early afternoon. unthinkable come september:
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