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The Parade of the Dragon in Paris' Chinatown in the 13eme arrondissement was super-crowded, but fun nonetheless. Parade groups banged drums, crashed tambourines, and set off long strings of firecrackers that hung from trees that lined the parade route on Avenue de Choisy, making for a loud procession.

More Year of the Rat in Paris by Phil Hilfiker on flickr, and a cool little audio slideshow on Previous parade coverage here in Paris, and from deep in the archives, back home here, here, here, and here on this site.

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Monday 11 February 2008

year of the rat festivities take over paris' chinatown

11 February 08 @ 20:02
I love these photos, especially the second and fifth one. The New Year's parade in NYC's Chinatown was super packed as well. I'm astounded you were able to get such intimate shots with such a huge crowd! All my photos had unwanted heads and hands in them.
Jennifer //

11 February 08 @ 20:43
Sigh. Love #2 and #4.
12 February 08 @ 10:45
Such intense colours! Gorgeous!
Lee //

13 February 08 @ 06:29
Great set of colourful shots... conveys the mood very well
onewayphotoblog / mark //

17 February 08 @ 04:02
This are great shots!
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