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Sunday 3 December 2006

eiffel illuminations ascend into the foggy early winter

03 December 06 @ 19:50
Fantastic, just great. Congratulations
German Saez //

03 December 06 @ 19:54
I was in the same place in the same time :)
03 December 06 @ 23:06
I always feel like major tourist spots make it difficult to get unique shots. But you've made it look easy - these are great. And is the camera fixed?
03 December 06 @ 23:11
Woo hoo!
03 December 06 @ 23:20
these hues are amazing and really convey the mood. one of my favs from Rion Paris
04 December 06 @ 00:05
wow. we've all seen the eiffel tower a million times, but these photos are so refreshing. you're a constant inspiration. thanks so much for sharing.
liz //

04 December 06 @ 05:26
wow there's something literaly magical about the electrically lighted Tower disappearing into the fog and so into the red sky some of these shots are just perfect
Krzysztof Adam Witalewski //

04 December 06 @ 08:13
beautiful. your take on this common topic is amazing. i love your style
04 December 06 @ 10:45
Shots like #6 are what got me into photography. What an amazing composition. The tone, clarity, glow from the fog... Beautiful image Rion.
04 December 06 @ 11:36
DAAAAAAANG!!!!! These are sooooo good!!!!
B Gutierrez //

04 December 06 @ 12:20
Wow!! These are absolutely beautiful, and as others have noted, a nice change from the typical Eifel tower shots. I was about to say that the third from the last is my favorite, but now I'm not so sure. The second to last is gorgeous as well, but the first one....
04 December 06 @ 12:58
Golden. And beautiful.
04 December 06 @ 16:06
love love love these
04 December 06 @ 16:47
Very nices shoots... It make me dream ! The colors are amazing ! Very nice work, congratulation !
Nicolas //

04 December 06 @ 19:34
I love how in the last photo the tower looks endless.
Melissa //

04 December 06 @ 20:56
i think this is one of my favorite sets you ever done!! i can't wait to go !!!
05 December 06 @ 19:32
I feel sooo illuminated! It's amazing I can even hear Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" playing right now.
joe g //

06 December 06 @ 01:35
incredible, nice work!
06 December 06 @ 21:30
thank you for such serene images. perhaps you'd consider entering some of these into JPG magazine for the theme of "tourist"? thank you again.
_explosions //

07 December 06 @ 07:46
how come i can't click to enlarge the 4th and the 6th photo?
ej //

07 December 06 @ 09:38
I love your Eiffel photos. The lighting and structure detail is outstanding! Thanks for sharing. Guess this will hold me until I can get to Paris.
07 December 06 @ 12:33
Encore de magnifiques photos ! Rion vous êtes vraiment très talentueuse !
Quentin D. //

08 December 06 @ 16:12
Excellent Eiffel scenes!
moodaholic //

12 December 06 @ 09:01
I'd love to go up the Eiffel Tower at night, with a tripod, a long lens, a tiemr release and a flask of warm coffee.
02 January 07 @ 07:38
you should make some flms, they would be beautiful
olishone //

04 May 07 @ 00:25
These are just amazing. Love the post processing.
stefan hartwig //

09 July 07 @ 15:58
Those pictures are AWESOME! Great, atmospheric scenery! I love them. #4 & #7 are my favorites. Greetings, Sebastian
Sebastian Becker //

19 July 07 @ 16:14
WOW.... is SPECTACULAR!!!! and I was in vacation in that day.... WOW!!!

Salut from Mexico

Laura //

12 October 10 @ 21:22
Those pictures are AWESOME! Great, atmospheric scenery! I love them. #4 & #7 are my favorites. Greetings,
pandora //

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13 February 13 @ 11:05
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13 February 13 @ 11:14
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26 March 13 @ 20:47
Love the treatments in these photographs. It makes them seem so atmospheric - good work - inspiring me to do some night time photography
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Elizabeth //

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