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At the Pantheon in Paris: Ernesto Neto's "Leviathan Thot" for the Festival d'Automne, an installation that I read about at Parisist.

This young artist has a peculiar approach to space and the body. Rio de Janeiro, his native city, epitomizing the conflict between nature and culture, shaped his art. His sculptures often deal with the tensions exerted by gravity on skin-thin materials. His monumental installation will contrast the animality of a tulle-and-polystyrene creature suspended under the dome of the Pantheon, with the weight of History and the cultural layers of this landmark.

Previously on this site: the last big installation I went to.

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Monday 25 September 2006

leviathan thot: ernesto neto's anthropomorphic pantheon installation

25 September 06 @ 18:25
so beautiful. though i would be scared that they would fall on me.
25 September 06 @ 20:25
I am in awe. Both of your beautiful photographs and of the installation.
26 September 06 @ 01:56
LOVE IT.... stretchy snot! :)
26 September 06 @ 16:58
those pictures are so great ! Black & White really make it ! I particulary like the second one : putting enable us to evaluate the scale of the artwork ! GREAT and HUGE ! this is much bigger than what you can see of this artist in Pompidou museum !
26 September 06 @ 23:37
I absolutely adore these photos. That's a juxtaposition if I've ever seen one. Thank you for sharing.
27 September 06 @ 00:55
wow! what a interesting art. I am so into installation art like this. I wish I was in Paris to see this... :D
suzi q. //

27 September 06 @ 10:42
Great set of shots - what a fantastic piece of art! Love the top shot particularly.
07 October 06 @ 22:28
makes me feel funny
11 October 06 @ 12:20
I was just in Paris, and I have to tell you that it looks as though the building was full of snot. I was not expecting to see this, so my reaction was definitely colored by my shock. It was far more funny then anything else, although the black and white pictures make it look more beautiful then it was in person. As for it falling on you, they are full of styrophoam balls and wouldn't hurt.
Micaela //

13 October 06 @ 19:59
OMG! Giant mozzarella!
27 October 06 @ 13:49
This was a great organic bio-loogey in the ridiculously pompous Pantheon to the fetish of "Great Men" and rigid (false) ideologies. It will make all facists uncomfortable.
17 December 06 @ 15:52
Oh ! I have see that in a video with my visual arts teacher
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