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camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel


French accordians and chansons on streetcorners, zydeco in cobbled courtyards, Lenny Kravitz rock'n'rolling in jammed Place de la Republique, a uniformed brass band playing disco on rue du Bac, a Baroque quartet in the Palais Royal and people everywhere dancing, drinking... Music everywhere. --

Above, the street scene last night along gritty Rue Oberkampf in the 11eme. Everyone was out for the Fete de la Musique, a mass summer solstice celebration that started in France on June 21st, 1982, and has since spread to many countries around the world. From wikipedia:

-- Amateur musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets.
-- Free concerts are organized, making all genres of music accessible to the public.
-- This is one of the only nights in the year where, under French law, there is no sound restriction at nighttime. One can party on without being bothered by neighbors calling the police.

More fete photos via Metroblogging Paris, more info on the 11th arrondissement at wikitravel and the Oberkampf Scene at Foders, and more Paris and 50mm f1.8 photos on this site.

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Thursday 22 June 2006

fete de la musique prompts parties in the paris streets

22 June 06 @ 13:48
The last photo is beautiful! Looks like something out of a movie. How did you get that lighting? Did you have a filter on your flash?
22 June 06 @ 14:07
thx so much.... no filter. no flash. just the low light lens and a bit of photoshopping in post.
22 June 06 @ 19:40
I agree with Erica, the last photo seems like it belongs on a poster or in an artsy film! Lovely light and I liked the subdued colours.
23 June 06 @ 02:24
Oh wow. That last photo is reminiscent of that famous photo of the couple kissing after the news of the WWII being over... Sigh. Absolutely dreamy series you got here, Rion.
23 June 06 @ 09:16
We didn't have a fete in Manila this year :(

Your pics are amazing as always and I agree with Lei and erica on that awesome last pic.

23 June 06 @ 11:58
I love these shots, Rion! They seem to capture the essence of Paris. And the last shot is so beautiful. Perfect that they're standing next to a Paris Je T'aime sign.
24 June 06 @ 05:48
The last pic is one of the best photos I've ever seen. The poster next to the couple saying "Paris, je t'aime" makes it perfect.
Chris //

24 June 06 @ 19:33
I told you in Flickr already, I LOVE the last photo. Beautiful.
26 June 06 @ 04:28
heyaa.. magkaka-fete sa manila.. june 30. sa SM mall of asia :)
xeng //

26 June 06 @ 09:39
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27 June 06 @ 00:37
La fete de la musique is the best & largest street party. I am glad you out and sharing the spirit.

I know why I couldn't wait to see your take on Paris.


11 July 06 @ 20:45
That's totally Vin Diesel in #4. Also, love the color treatment.
Errol //

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