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more black and white photos and more paris on this site.
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Friday 28 April 2006

black and white postcards from the streets of paris

28 April 06 @ 20:52
I really love the first and last photos. Great use of black and white for these. It looks as if you are getting to know your new city well.
28 April 06 @ 20:56
This is what postcards should look like! Love #4. It's always nice to see people of a city do what they do. Lovely pictures. Can I ask, do you convert to B&W afterwards and if so, what program do you use to do so?
P-Joseph Winter //

30 April 06 @ 19:32
beautiful!! :) and i have the same Qs as p-joseph. are you converting to B&W later?
01 May 06 @ 12:27
I don't want to speak for Rion, but if she's using a Digital Rebel then she would have to convert to B&W in post. Fantastic results!
01 May 06 @ 12:30
nice series. the black and white really sets the mood. the image of the dog is fantastic. reminds me of a scene from the little rascals. definite vintage feel to this series.
01 May 06 @ 17:52
Yes, it's post. See my comment here. :)
02 May 06 @ 10:29
beautiful collection
03 May 06 @ 09:07
An other point of view taken by an other parisian photograph.
24 May 06 @ 10:45
Hi Rion! I`m gonna miss your pictures from NYC, but these are awesome... Are you planning to live in Paris for good?
Martha //

24 May 06 @ 10:47
Some other thing: if you want to contact me you can do it at:
Martha //

25 October 06 @ 06:37
update: the street art in that second photo is by French photographer JR. You can read more about his work (and see an excellent video on the project) on Parisist: JR and Ladj Ly: Challenging Stereotypes.
15 May 13 @ 09:40
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Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris London.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been documenting her photos online in narrative sets since late 2000. (Most are on this site.)


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