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paris, france: above, a sunday march along boulevard voltaire in the 11th eme to stop la greve (the strike) on university campuses. during the country-wide tumult, studies have been interrupted since last month due to the anti-CPE demonstrations and strikes. "Sixty-three out of the country's 84 universities are on strike, according to Unef. About 50 of them were occupied by students, the union said." professors, parents and students comprised the procession.

though we were packing up in the states when the news-making anti-CPE protests broke out across france -- and now that we're here, the measure has been dropped under pressure of unpopularity -- the issue is still causing great stir, and some news headlines are reporting that additional strikes could be on the way.

nothing like political dissatisfaction to make us feel at home in a new country. more protests in the archives...

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Tuesday 11 April 2006

the tail end of local news: protesting the cpe strikes

11 April 06 @ 15:43
:) Welcome to your new home.
Joseph Winter //

11 April 06 @ 18:24
Yes !!! Rion in Paris ! I'm glad to see your photographs of french strikes, they're all very well framed... You can see mine (and other strikes - it is our national hobby) on my site. Your site has always been an inspiration to me, and I'm very interested in seeing how you will handle "Paris" photographically speaking... Enjoy!
11 April 06 @ 19:57
Rion, welcome in France! Nice shots..
Franckjeff //

11 April 06 @ 22:34
Nice shots. Here in the states, we here that Students are the ones who are on the streets, but your photos show different faces on the street.
11 April 06 @ 23:08
already in paris? wow! Love your journalistic style.
11 April 06 @ 23:49
wonderful first set! love the new pixel paris scene on top. you are so clever!
11 April 06 @ 23:51
nice shots. i wish you'd been capturing the protests back here in nyc.
ju //

12 April 06 @ 08:12
great shots... the way you capture people is so inspiring! do you take requests from poor folk back in the states? ...pleaseee document the jardin des tuileries with the kids playing with the boats rented from the man with the cart.
12 April 06 @ 08:49
Great series to start off from your new location. Love the girl with the sticker on her head and the angle of the thrid pic.
12 April 06 @ 13:21
very interesting to read what stranger people think about France and french people
12 April 06 @ 15:45
Nice shoots! I'm french and i can say, they are pathetics to be not agree with a thing they are not try... I hope you will understand what i say...
12 April 06 @ 18:19
I have fallen for #4! The man with the pipe is awesome.
Felicia //

12 April 06 @ 19:19
the CPE first-job contract is dead, the strikes in university campus are slowly coming to an end... and it's school holiday in Paris and Bordeaux. Now every student wants to succeed their exams, only the more radicals are willing to fight against other laws (there is one about 15-year old young workers who could be allowed to work at night...)

The Pro-CPE demonstrations like the one pictured by Rion were very small, mostly driven by right syndicates. They were mostly parents or elderly people, not a lot of students!

Mick //

13 April 06 @ 18:33
Riots? Marchings? Protests? No... this is the new fashion trend sweeping the Paris streets. The "Stop" sign has never been so chic! Viva le Francais and viva le Stop Sign. Whoo Hoo!! I'm going to eat my French Toast right now, have fun kiddies!
joe g //

19 October 06 @ 11:11
i think it was a really good ida
Alyssa Searle //

18 January 07 @ 12:14
blaireaux de bobo parigo
rere //

10 December 08 @ 08:35
Great photos. I am just doing an assignment for univeristy on French culture and was wondering if I could please include one of your photo's in it? many thanks, Emma
Emma //

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