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camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

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camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large


trash piles, often as tall as the people walking by them, and yet, no one really notices... only in new york. related reading: The Afterlife of Trash in June 2005's New York Magazine, and from laura holder in May, 2003, my favorite trash bag photo: a new baby bag is born every 6 minutes.

more stuff and more of midtown on this site.

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Saturday 18 February 2006

trash waits on the streets of midtown in the morning

18 February 06 @ 20:33
Wow, what a contrast... your previous post of the beautiful blizzard snows and now you're featuring mounds of trash. I like seeing the people in comparison to the mountains of bags, and everyone seems so nonchalant too!
19 February 06 @ 02:21
Great shots! This has always been a talking point when discussing the many differences between Chicago and NYC. Chicago has insanely urban-beautiful alleys with fire-escapes, dumpsters and hobos while NYC lacks the alleys but has a unique tradition of lining the streets with mounds of garbage. I love it and can't wait to finish my phd so I can get my ass out there. Alleys are nice but... you and all...
19 February 06 @ 03:03
I like the theme. I like your style, exploring the photogenic pictorial of the urban environm' The first pic is nice,..
20 February 06 @ 08:45
Yours photos are very amazing you can make dirty things in wonderfull photos...I hope you will understand what i wanna say... =D nice job!
20 February 06 @ 12:05
they finally picked up the trash from my building this past saturday. i can't believe it took them a week to do it.
21 February 06 @ 12:02
The light in these photos is gorgeous! Did you use a different filter than your usual posts?
Meg //

22 February 06 @ 08:04
Wow! beautiful flog
23 February 06 @ 13:32
I have to agree about the lighting. It's great -- almost melancholy. Was this natural or filtered (on-lense or post)? Also, just curious if you use auto or manual metering.
Brandon //

24 February 06 @ 16:43
thx so much. i always shoot in shutter priority (TV) mode, adjusting the shutter speed and ISO intuitively, dependent on my light.

with the recent combination of my shooting RAW with the 50mm f1.8, i've been shooting a lot darker/faster, and then messing around more in post... softening levels and pushing less natural color balance to get different moods out of the sets. sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it's been interesting to experiment with...

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