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Barcelona, Spain: compositions on the roof of La Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera (The Quarry in Catalan). built by architect Antoni Gaudi, the unique biomorphic building has no straight lines. its roof has amazing views of the city and is a sight in itself.

also, a special note: on jan 5th, 1999, i bought to be my Web portfolio. in 2000, it became a blog of photos and links for my audience of 30 daily visitors. in early 2001, continued to witness my life in new york city as a dedicated photoblog.

it's gone through three publishing systems (blogger, greymatter and movabletype), four digital cameras and five site designs. this version showcases 613 photosets thus far. these --- {  1   2   3   4   5   6  } --- might be the best representations of, but there are many more in the archive... i'm guessing there are almost 5,000 photos in total. there have been more than 3,200 comments from all of you. thank you. is now seven years old. the photoblog is around five. yay!

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Saturday 7 January 2006

abstraction and simplicity on the roof of casa milà

07 January 06 @ 16:30
I love the design of Casa Mila! And I'd never seen the roof up close. I guess that's my favorite part of your site... through your photographs I travel to places I've never been to. It's wonderful, thank you! And well, congratulations on the 7 years of mantaining this site!


07 January 06 @ 18:21
I've been to Gaudi's mosaic gardens in Barcelona and they are so amazing. The detail is just unreal, and it's so memorable. And happy birthday,! :)
08 January 06 @ 07:51
Ouah nice design, nice photos like usual !
08 January 06 @ 08:48
5000 photos! You make it look so easy. congrats and here's to the next 5k...
08 January 06 @ 13:06
Beautiful examinations of La Casa's abstract design. Gaudi is one of my favorite artchitects and I love to see photographs of his buildings. It's too bad I may never get to see any of them.
08 January 06 @ 15:09
My favourite city by my favourite blogger! It doesnt get better. Beautiful photos as ever. even though this is one of Gaudi's less vibrant buildings in terms of exterior architecture (however when youre inside the walls are amazing), youve captured the colours so well. Make sure you visit Park Guell, la Sagrada familia and Dali's house.
Joseph Winter //

09 January 06 @ 11:36
ditto Joe. Your work is a daily inspiration - please don't stop ;)
11 January 06 @ 08:38
do you have an RSS feed? I would like to add you to my daily visits.
11 January 06 @ 09:49
it's a 2006 resolution... stay tuned.
16 January 06 @ 22:03
This is one of my favorite of Gaudi's building, mostly because as someone else commented, it is less vibrant on the exterior. I love these relatively unornamented shapes and forms. Your photos are awesome -- you do an amazing job of conveying the spriti of Antonio Gaudi -- and of every place you visit, in fact. Barcelona is beautiful! Maureen
17 January 06 @ 06:46
Fabulous photos! This was probably my favourite place in Barcelona, with the possible exception of Parc Guell. Your photos really convey the sense of watchfulness that these structures on the roof seem to create. Excellent set!
26 February 06 @ 00:54
beautiful barcelona! Smart Gaudi, I'd love to be there someday :)
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