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soaking wet, but inspired, in new york city.
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Friday 14 October 2005

wet city strangers walk in the shadows of the storm

14 October 05 @ 11:04
the city wasn't quite that blue!
14 October 05 @ 11:11
white balance alert! :)
14 October 05 @ 11:21
like the blue in the image, aesthetically. it has been pretty dark in the city, it serves a visual cue to the low level of light.
14 October 05 @ 11:24
The poncho's are cool but I like the 3rd and 5th ones the best.
14 October 05 @ 12:24
beautiful colours i like the 3rd and 5th but this colloction is very interesting
14 October 05 @ 13:29
Def. wasn't that blue, but in this case I think it represents the mood appropriately. Good to see a rain set - most folks leave their cameras at home on days like these.
14 October 05 @ 16:54
Love this set! Umbrellas-a midtown bladerunner
14 October 05 @ 17:23
great work, rion.

There is so much stuff on the Web and on Flickr in particular and some of it is good, but there is so little that has a consistency and taste and techical quality and intelligence -- all together. Like yours.

I am going to try to stay in touch and watch your work. Don't stop : )

I tried to create a Flick group "dedicated to Diane Arbus" (the flickr group ID is "dianearbus"), but so far have mostly one-sided contributions. People seem to think she is inetersted in transvestites, etc., whereas she is really interested in humaniy and in a big way -- in New York where we are all together.

You too, seem to focus on the pictures of the city, so there is so much more for you: the eyes of its people.. living alone amongst the 14 million.

thanks, anyway . Glad to have found you. and by the way: great rain shots. What camera do you use?

14 October 05 @ 17:30
This is a wonderful series. Excellent.
14 October 05 @ 21:28
i am not a good bad weather photographer although i carry my camera with me all the time. this set is very nice.
14 October 05 @ 22:24
what's ur wet-day setup? you seem to nailed it on the spot- no rain on lenses, and also good working camera in the end. i love the blue of this set. gives a blue-ish feel of rain... great set!
15 October 05 @ 10:37
A great, atmospheric series, and I love the muted colours. One of my favourites.
15 October 05 @ 16:47
Very nice! Love the deep black in the shadows!
15 October 05 @ 20:46
I love the pops of colour against the dreary and rainy background. 3 & 5 are definitely my favorites, they just seem so mysterious and dreamy.
15 October 05 @ 23:12
This is a wonderful set! I love the colors and all the blue that would be called bleu by a friend of mine.
16 October 05 @ 11:14
All are nice and the third and fifth shots are amazing.
16 October 05 @ 17:39
Definitely a good lesson on not listening to the nagging (and too prudent) voice that tells you to leave your camera at home in inclement weather. Great shots! I love how everyone's faces are anonymously dark.
16 October 05 @ 20:12
another beautiful set . the 3rd photo is amazing
17 October 05 @ 06:42
I really like this series!!!! The blue is ok. It gives you the cold sensation!!!! really nice.
17 October 05 @ 11:24
Great photos!!! Remember me: "I'm singing in the rain"... :)
17 October 05 @ 19:15
Aw, so many times I look at your sets and declare 'no, this one is DEFINATLEY my favourite' but youve gone and done it to me again! Why rion why!?! This might just squeeze the 'tattoo'd strangers' set out of my #1 spot...ehh...argh...bleh...well, life is full of tough choices but your photos are ever beautiful :)
Joseph Winter //

17 October 05 @ 19:50
Rain rain go away...
17 October 05 @ 20:27
beautiful! time to pull out the warm cozy slippers and hot cocoa. number 5 is my favorite. this series reminds me of moby's song "the rain falls and the sky shudders". you rock!
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