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union square, new york city: manhattan borough president, Virginia Fields and a dozen other city officials and speakers rally gathered new yorkers (via email alerts on just four hours notice) to protest bush's new supreme court nominee john roberts.

search for more protest coverage on this site, including protests surrounding the republican national convention and coverage of the March for Women's Lives in DC.

Issued by NOW:
As O'Connor's replacement, Roberts would cast the deciding vote on countless matters of individual rights where O'Connor had been a key vote, often in a 5-to-4 split-issues like *choice and birth control, affirmative action, privacy rights, disability rights, Title IX equal educational opportunity, family and medical leave, health care, environmental protection* and dozens of other crucial issues for decades to come. For young women, Roberts' votes could determine their access to birth control and choice for their entire reproductive lifetimes.

Throughout his 26-year career, John G. Roberts has continually supported and promoted an anti-woman, anti-civil rights, and anti-worker agenda. NOW opposed his nomination to U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 2003 on these grounds and will continue to do so to protect the lives of all women and girls in the U.S.

Issued by the ACLU:
The American Civil Liberties Union today expressed deep concern about some of the civil liberties positions advocated by Judge John Roberts, President Bush's choice to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. While serving as principal deputy solicitor general from 1989-1993, he authored briefs calling for Roe v. Wade to be overruled, supporting graduation prayer, and seeking to criminalize flag burning as a form of political protest.

"All these positions were rejected by the Supreme Court," said Steven Shapiro, the ACLU's National Legal Director. "But the Supreme Court remains closely divided on many of these questions."

"The Supreme Court has played a pivotal role in advancing freedom," said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director. "Without the Supreme Court, the South would still be segregated, illegal abortions would be claiming thousands of lives, the indigent would have no right to a lawyer, and lesbian and gay Americans could be imprisoned for their private sexual conduct."

at write your senators.

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Wednesday 20 July 2005

new york city rally against supreme court nominee john roberts

21 July 05 @ 10:26
~BY FAR one of the most important photo sets you have ever posted IMHO...I greatly appreciate the additional quotes and the link to write your this day and age of personal liberties being stripped away by the Bush administration there is no greater subject than the rights of women to control their own destinies and be the sole decision-maker when it comes to their bodies, their health and the lives...this nominee, if confirmed, will undoubtably strip away the rights women currently have and return us to the dark age of uber conservative thought, thought that is motivated by religious beliefs that are not a part of everyone's belief system...~
21 July 05 @ 12:07
What time was the protest? I walked by there around 1:30pm... Nice pictures! People should speak up and protest whenever they think something is wrong. Looks like a good turnout too.
21 July 05 @ 12:39
I always find it heartening to see pictures like this. Many people outside of the country worry about the direction America is taking and have to judge for ourselves how bad it really is. Sadly this was inevitable once Bush was re-elected. Another supreme court judge is expected to retire during this term compounding the current administration's control and allowing them to cement a change in the country towards right wing and christian extremism.
21 July 05 @ 12:40
very nice. such an excellent location for photos.
22 July 05 @ 08:28
no one is trying to denounce women. it's not about the freedom to do what you want with your body, it's about murder.
n //

22 July 05 @ 09:26
... as is the consequences of war, and yet there are complex cultural, political, ethical, philisophical, religious and economic decisions around that, as well.

unfortunately, it's 1. not simple, and 2. not the only issue up for debate with this nominee.

22 July 05 @ 14:49
great set of photos. very poweful and important. the first one really has a lot of emotion. number five is wonderful as well! it's great seeing men out there supporting. the last one says it all! brilliant set.
23 July 05 @ 00:04
wonderful photojournalism. a nice change in tempo from your other shots that i love so much.
27 July 05 @ 15:13
I'm EXTREMELY pro-life, but that's not up for debate here. I just wanted to say that I found the 2nd to last photo most powerful. The sign that says "Keep Abortion Legal" made me shudder, but I could asee the photo more for how the woman is literally standing on top of what she believes in.
28 July 05 @ 12:21
Did that guy sqwash that plane with his very hands? Wow he's good!
joe g //

26 August 05 @ 00:53
i didn't think you were allowed to protest anymore in the U.S. why aren't these people being rounded up?

abortion is a private issue and it's nuts to have it prohibited by the government. if you want to cut down on abortion rates, try teaching kids about sex from a very early age.

also start paying more taxes and fix your budget deficit!

great photos too, especially the first one: i would have loved to here her rant. also your website is awesome!

fuzzychops //

07 January 06 @ 16:35
Great set, one of my favorites.
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