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above, sunday in harajuku, where the girls come out dressed in cosplay, lolita, and gothic lolita-styled fashions. though the costumes are eye-catching, watching the hungry tourists that come out to photograph these girls can be much more entertaining. more photos: from tokyo-local esthet, here and here, and more within tags/harajuku/ on flickr.

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Sunday 8 May 2005

goth and lolita sunday styles from the girls at harajuku

08 May 05 @ 13:58
scary. really scary
08 May 05 @ 15:55
Ah, Harajuku. Hasn't changed much.
08 May 05 @ 20:14
Very intense, very real. These are really telling images.
08 May 05 @ 21:54
Fantastic stuff
09 May 05 @ 04:20
While the Harajuku girls have always been fascinating, the interest in the lifestyle/culture has seemed to skyrocket with Gwen Stefani's recent cd. I love the 3rd & 5th photos. :)
09 May 05 @ 09:37
i'm with joe, those are really scary. you site is just getting too frightening for me!
09 May 05 @ 10:53
This is so interesting, I've never even heard of this...but I've seen images like this before in various places. I feel like I've learned something today.
09 May 05 @ 11:33
these are great! 1, 5 and 7 are awesome. gothi is great!
09 May 05 @ 15:41
i love how they're all so content to pose for everyone. they look great. i've also heard of the trend that people over there are getting full black contacts to look like anime characters.
09 May 05 @ 17:35
Beautiful faces here.. I should move to japan!
10 May 05 @ 16:18
Goth girls totally rule...doesn't matter where they are from! :D
10 May 05 @ 23:27
wow. this is everyday wear?... the girl in the blue dress in the first image is striking -- like a malign alice in wonderland -- great shot
11 May 05 @ 16:15
Hey there, How are you doing??? Well for me i'm doing really good and i just wanted to say "Hi" to The Harajuku Girls and i hope that you guys e-mail me back. So please when you get this e-mail please write back.
17 May 05 @ 01:39
wow!i 1st heard of harajuku girls in gwen stefani's it a name of the place or this group of girls?nyway,really wish im livin' in japan!!
ita //

24 May 05 @ 02:21
Harajuku or Harakookoo? The extremes are wonderful and fascinating. Gotta have the right bloody patch to match your dress or some mistress vogue-ster is gonna stab you right in the eye with a pencil. Can't wait to these girls home to mom!
joe g //

26 May 05 @ 11:39
I think that them dressing up in watever they want is kinda cool, but WOW! some of the stuff they wear is like "Hi it's Halloween!"
Paisley //

06 June 05 @ 16:56
I heard of the Harajuku Girl from Gwen. But The More i look into it the more i Love!I love the Japan....Anime,Manga, Harajuku....!!!I love IT All!Very Kewl!
SlytheriN Chick //

07 June 05 @ 16:05
was in Japan last month and had the good fortune to find myself in Toyko on a Sunday. If you ever get to Japan make sure you spend some of your Sunday at Harajuku. The kids and the outfits and makeup are wonderful. It is fascinating that most will scowl for your camera, but as soon as it is lowered they get a big smile on thier face and go and talk and have a great time with thier friends. I totally recommed seeing them and interacting with them. Most also enjoy speaking English with you.
steve //

27 June 05 @ 01:18
I reckon this is great for a country with so much pressure on work and study esp. for teenagers. It's a way of expressing yourself and also getting as much attention as you want. I love to dress something like that and I have tried, and and and it feels FANTASTIC! ^^
18 February 06 @ 07:04
jacky //

22 April 06 @ 01:01
This is amazing how they can just get up... "put on their costumes" on sunday morning an head down town!! sum of them look like they have put a blind fold over their eyes or the got dressd in the dark an thats wht they came up with... SOOOOO FREAKIN CUTE!!! ^_^ wish i could live in Japan!! the outfits... are inspirational!
30 December 06 @ 21:37
I miss my home! Harajuku is the most style-diverse suburbs in Tokyo, special place. Lol.
Karen //

19 March 07 @ 12:46
sometimes they could look like so cute, but sometimes they could look like so scary also,,, ;)
19 March 07 @ 12:48
ups, one thing for sure, they encourage me to be brave in dressing.
20 March 07 @ 10:59
hi, may i know u? can we be friends? i love harajuku as well.
01 September 07 @ 08:10
I LOVE THEM!! LOVE THE STYLE, LOVE THE PHOToS, JUST LOVE IT!! i'm a cosplayer, but in my country, the people still find it weird to use goth costumes, so i can only where them in cosplay events.. hiks.. wish i live i tokyo... but i'm going to continue my study there!! so, harajuk, wait for me!!!!
09 November 07 @ 10:26
i have always loved people that have the courgage to do this!!! i think its like totally aweome!!! i absoltley love the style. im a goth person so i relaly love this stuff and i'm planning on going to Japan so i miht participate in this!!!!! its really hot!!!
Dezz //

15 November 07 @ 08:12
Yay I love harajuku .. that created a harajuku how-to fashion site :D
01 February 09 @ 18:52
I am utterly in love with harajuku fashion. I really want to study in Tokyo, but you know how the economy is these days -_-'. But I won't give up! lol (:
28 August 09 @ 21:47
Aww, I love harajuku! Me and my friends dress in Harajuku (we're small town california girls so we get plenty of odd stares) But its so much fun! I can't wait until we all go to japan and go out on a sunday in our harajuku-ness.
Kaita //

12 July 13 @ 06:57
bien que le prix europ¨Ĥen nous donne un grand avantage de prix, mais pourrait faire face ¨¤ toute menace d'un portefeuille d'explosion.Peut sac chanel totalisera plusieurs sacs et puis ils distribuent charme finalement me laisser irrationnel,
replique de montre //

24 July 13 @ 03:19
sometimes they could look like so cute, but sometimes they could look like so scary also,,, ;)
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