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above, the idiotarod:
"Attention Mushers, Runners, Race fans, and Abominable Snowmen! ...The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. Our Idiotarod is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it's New York City.

"The race begins at Fulton Ferry Pier in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and finishes at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan. Teams of five will compete for cash prizes. We expect teams in costumes, hot-rod shopping carts, and all sorts of ancillary mayhem. We think it will be extraordinarily silly."

additional shots at bluejake, untitled name, citying, whatisee, callalillie, and the flickr tag: idiotarod. got more idiotarod photos? link it up.

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Saturday 29 January 2005

havoc hits fulton ferry pier for the 2005 nyc idiotarod

30 January 05 @ 03:18
is that urine, gatorade, or neither. b/c if it's urine, i'm sure there will be signs of doping!
30 January 05 @ 04:24
I can't decide what was more ridiculous, the starting point or the finish line... good to see you guys, in any case!
30 January 05 @ 12:29
We got there too late to see much before they took off. Great shots!

I have some here.

30 January 05 @ 17:08
Nice shots as usual. Here are some more As far as urine, gatorade, or neither - pretty sure they were jello shots.
30 January 05 @ 22:43
30 January 05 @ 23:02
We've got yer Idiotarod right here.

Rion, how's your nose doing?

31 January 05 @ 01:50
the nose (and lens) is fine.
the shopping cart was totaled.
31 January 05 @ 08:57
excellent images! I'll have some up soon, myself. (I'm from EVIL TEAM. think mexican wrestling mask.)
31 January 05 @ 13:42
nice shots. i'll post mine, even though they're mostly just our team. (team DLR)

anne marie //

31 January 05 @ 14:55
Here are pics my sister took of our C train cart:
31 January 05 @ 17:09
Youre up for a 'bloggie'!!!! Congratulations!!!
Paul Joseph //

11 February 05 @ 13:03
Mush. mush, get this cart a movin'. Hilarious stuff. The competition must be serious if everyone has to submit a urine sample. You know this sport is full of steroid abusers. Its all in Canseco's book!
joe g //

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