camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large

camera: canon eos digital rebel - click to view large


above, two homeless men in the playground at 9:30 in the morning. "Ghost," in the grey jacket, was learning how to play sax so he could get his own and earn money with his talent. when they passed the instrument back and forth to play, he would clean the mouthpiece with the beer he had hidden in a bag.

i listened for a while -- they were showing off, but they both played beautifully. more portraits.

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Tuesday 4 January 2005

playing saxophone in the hell's kitchen playground

04 January 05 @ 04:33
I really like image #1. You have a way of photographing people where it seems like they are so at ease in front of your lens.
04 January 05 @ 10:17
~once again your ability to incorporate meaningful images of characters that are full of expression and prose for the lens astounds me, impresses me and keeps me coming back for more...IMHO anyone can snap the shutter in front of something, but it takes a photpgrapher to expose the character within a human subject...outstanding series here, one of my all-time favs...happy new year!~
04 January 05 @ 12:38
this playground looks familiar...
04 January 05 @ 15:20
saxamaphone, saxamaphone.

nice fancy number thingy.

04 January 05 @ 16:55
Great shots, the one with the hand and the sax is wonderful.
04 January 05 @ 23:47
love shot #5. i think i see where he is hiding his booze in that picture :P
05 January 05 @ 01:37
i agree with btezra. it takes something special to photograph people, and you do it very well.
05 January 05 @ 01:39
I swear that guy in the top picture is the Martian Saxophonist. He rode the subways 10 - 15 yrs ago, wearing deelyboppers on his head & playing a screeching, busted sax. His shtick was he'd stay in your car & keep on playing until someone gave him money. Ah, the good old days...
Kat //

05 January 05 @ 09:05
Wow! What a couple of great subjects! Ditto on your talent for photographing people!

randombanner //

05 January 05 @ 09:14
Great series! 1 and 2 are both awesome. So much character with very good contact to the camera.
05 January 05 @ 18:20
The first, fifth and seventh from to to bottom: priceless work. So emotional, so perfect!
stef //

05 January 05 @ 18:37
It's a small world. I live right next to this park and the guy in the black jacket could be found at 8:30 pm passed out in front of the entrance to my building.. No sax though. That park is the basis for many of the sets used for west side story.
07 January 05 @ 20:43
One could look at these photos and just see two guys fiddling with a saxophone. I see these and I'm blown away. You're too good Rion!
08 January 05 @ 03:18
Very nice portraits. Did the stock lens from your Rebel gave you that low depth of field shots in the last photo?
08 January 05 @ 14:22
1, 5, and 7 were shot with the 85mm f1.8. the others were shot with the basic lens.
16 January 05 @ 01:26
Sax, sax, sax. That's all kids think about these days.
joe g //

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