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London: i met Diane as she sat along a canal in little venice, with a little golden retriever puppy that she had named Lucy.

Diane quickly told me that Lucy was new -- brought home as consolation, her son thought a puppy would be medicine for her grief. Diane had just put her 14 year old best friend, Daisy, to sleep on November 3rd and was still terribly ill from it. Visibly upset when we talked, she told me more than once that her son "had the best of intentions, but it is just too soon. -- She's a good girl, but she's not my Daisy."

Diane is another stranger in London who was kind enough to pose for me.

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Tuesday 7 December 2004

diane mourns her old best friend with new puppy lucy

07 December 04 @ 02:33
Oh..! You captured it so well... Who was on the red leash?
07 December 04 @ 06:46
Wow, the sorrow in that face! Third shot down is beautifully framed. I love the way her gaze goes off into the trees...
07 December 04 @ 08:01
The emotion is so evident in her face. What great (and a little sad) images.
07 December 04 @ 10:25
great shots, love the first one, you've really captured what you describe. The last shot is just so plaintive it's too sad.
07 December 04 @ 10:55
Great work here. Really nice job. I'm enjoying the new direction on the site.
07 December 04 @ 12:35
Great photos. The emotion, the color. She's right, it took me over a year until I was ready for another pooch.
07 December 04 @ 13:43
randombanner //

07 December 04 @ 14:12
Truly beautiful photos.
07 December 04 @ 16:09
Even without knowing the story you can see the sadness in eyes and face. Such a nice series.
07 December 04 @ 21:13
so expressive. her eyelashes are something else.
07 December 04 @ 22:24
Lucy seems intuitive enough in these shots to know what's up.
07 December 04 @ 23:18
one look at #4 and she'll fall in love with lucy just as she did daisy.
07 December 04 @ 23:23
really outstanding set of photos jknee. i adore the 2nd to last shot. and i want to know too... who's on the red leash?!
07 December 04 @ 23:59
travis, a barky neighbor diane was also walking.
08 December 04 @ 09:50
you really have a gift w/ strangers...
08 December 04 @ 15:52
wow, there's so much emotion just in her eyes. these are fabulous photos. nice depth of field on all.
08 December 04 @ 19:38
I love this series... bittersweet.
08 December 04 @ 23:52
these photos broke my heart...what a sweet woman.
kim //

09 December 04 @ 03:25
I think this series portrays something very important about life...and love. Maybe something we tend to take for grated - or look away from.
Sandy //

13 December 04 @ 07:36
Fantastic, Rion. Sad and beautiful and sweet, we would love to be there and talk to Diane and play with her puppy. So intense.
stef & rollo //

19 December 04 @ 10:48
I'm simply speechless
19 December 04 @ 11:40
Wow. I had a dog, and I know exactly how Diane feels. These made me cry.
Norm //

19 December 04 @ 18:52
oh my, these pictures make me feel like crying. i feel so bad for her. but i know this new puppy will be well loved.
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