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London: Matt and Maria, a little before 1:30am at a bar in Shoreditch.

right when we started talking, Matt told me that he couldn't believe the result of our recent presidential elections. when I told him i lived in manhattan -- my attempt at exoneration -- he told me he had an ex-wife from new jersey, and that new york city was cool, but the rest of The States seemed pretty backwards from what he had experienced. then he hummed a few bars of the Deliverace theme to make his point.

on this site: more london, portraits, and 85mm f1.8 lens low light magic.

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Tuesday 30 November 2004

maria and matt at a bar in london's shoreditch scene

30 November 04 @ 05:42
Is that guy smoking a big joint?
30 November 04 @ 13:16
That Matt is a very perceptive fellow and spot-on! Very nice set of photos too!

randombanner //

30 November 04 @ 16:09
Personally, Matt (and anyone else) is entitled to their opinion, but I think you should feel the need to exonerate yourself to anyone as long as you participate in the democratic process.
30 November 04 @ 16:10
Sorry...that should've read "shouldn't feel the need"
Jeff //

30 November 04 @ 19:00
oh, i wanted to exonerate myself, immediately.
01 December 04 @ 03:00
this set (especially #2) look like paintings...
01 December 04 @ 10:14
I'm English and have spent years living in canada and the US, mostly in new york, and took a few cross country trips. I wouldn't say the rest of the country is backwards, there's just such a big difference between places like NY and more rural areas. In fact there's really even a huge difference between cities.

I would say that 51% of the country are barking mad, but that's just a personal opinion.... :)

01 December 04 @ 14:22
I just can't figure out what you were doing in a bar at 1:30 in the morning in London. What with the 11pm last call. And the tube not running. And all that.
02 December 04 @ 01:07
After meeting them did you then proceed to pack them in a Fedex box and ship them off to Williamsburg?
wrangler //

02 December 04 @ 10:26
Stick close to the coast. It's get's a little squirrely if you venture too far into the backwoods. How does that song from the movie "Deliverance" begin? I love the sound of dueling banjos on a nice nature walk.
02 December 04 @ 14:52
As we lament the retirement of Tom Brokaw, we can look forward to the future of U.S. network news:

"No one understands this Nascar nation more than Brian [Williams]." —NBC President Jeff Zucker

"[America is a] red state world" — NBC Universal chairman Bob Wright

"The New York-Washington axis can be a journalist's worst enemy" — Brian Williams

Source: The Nascar Nightly News: Anchorman Get Your Gun
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