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above, Times Square, around 8pm on Tuesday night.

For me, there is disappointment in slightly more than half of my fellow Americans -- not for having opinions different than mine, but for being fooled by an administration that, in the name of the Republican party, misleads for their own business and religious agendas. with such a close margin of this loss, i also blame Giuliani and McCain, for being men who i believe knew better -- who instead used their influence to benefit their own position within their party. we wait, and look to the victory of Barack Obama in illinois, the re-election of Barbara Boxer in California, and Cali's approval of funding for stem cell research as being among the positive steps.

There was positive support for change in the streets last night, as well. New York City had Kerry supporters out at Rockefeller Center (aka democracy plaza) and in Times Square. around the corner from MTV studios, the youth vote represented: a large group of kids were chanting for Kerry and cheering P Diddy's "vote or die" slogan. As Meccapixel posts, "we voted, we died," but hopefully the message won't be lost overall...

Thank you to Eliot who volunteered in ohio, and to Wangari and Margaret who both volunteered in Pennsylvania, and thank you, John Kerry.

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Wednesday 3 November 2004

times square young people energize crowds for kerry

03 November 04 @ 11:03
I am concerned that there may be some civic understanding that is lacking with the whole vote or die thing. Making a democratic responsibility cool has the makings of falling out of fashion.
03 November 04 @ 11:37
it's a sad day =(
03 November 04 @ 16:36
great reportage, this and your previous post.

sadly, the devil's rein will continue:

03 November 04 @ 18:05
political chicks are hot~
dennis //

05 November 04 @ 13:02
den, does that include me? ;)
speaking of which, there's additional ranting on tienmao... i may now be done with the rants since i'm slipping quickly into denial. ;)
07 November 04 @ 14:18
yeah, we got played by the bush-backing diebold voting machines AGAIN. (find out what you can about O'Dell, the guy that owns the company that makes those e-voting machine. find out who he backed in this "election".)

there aren't that many psycho-christians out there. there was no 'moral vote'.

that many people wouldn't vote against having healthcare or a healthy economy....just as long as gay people can't get 'married'.

it's all bull shit.

we need to keep our eyes and ears open.

we need to stop listening to the corporatations that are trying to make us fall asleep while facists start taking away our civil rights. (in fact, we need to start learning what our civil rights are NOW because the corporate-backed white house is banking that we are so ignorant of what our rights are, that they can take them without our knowing it.)

we need to be vigilant and when we see some shit going down, we need to SHOUT ABOUT IT.

we need to know about things like "Peak Oil" (you have a computer. look that shit up.) we need to know about the PNAC ( and its empirical plans for the world. we need to know about the history of the middle east is about. we need to know that there WILL be a draft. only that's not what they're going to call it.

we need to know exactly what the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act is, what the letters in that acronym mean, and what's coming down the pike with PATRIOT 2. (No, it ain't a movie sequel.)

we need to stop paying so much attention to MTV and find out what's up the monopolization of the music you hear.

we need to find out why the press hasn't been doing their job. why they let shit like the swift boat liars even get any airplay when their shit was all lies.

(why didn't the press look into that shit from the start to find out it was all paid for by the republicans?) why didn't the so called "liberal media" ever call bush, cheney or any of them on it when they lied in interviews, press conferences or on the campaign trail?

there are so many whys...and we need to keep asking them.

don't be depressed.

cleopatra //

09 August 05 @ 06:30
nice set rion! i covered the election night at the democrats abroad in austria. it was an interesting and sad night...

Martin Fuchs //

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