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above, random shots from riding the rails and walking thru tunnels. for more subway photography, browse these subway sets, read june's village voice article forbidden photos, anyone?, or search thru laura holder's subway shots...

laura and i will be representing the local photoblogger women at the new york city photobloggers 2 event at the apple store this thursday, 6pm. we'll all be mentioning favorite photoblogs (so bring a pen and paper) but i want to specifically mention other nyc women photobloggers (not blogs, but nyc-based photo-specific endeavors like kdunk, sharonwatt, leticia john, annapoet, hnorthrop or youngna, to name just a few) so if you have suggestions, drop me a line or feel free to comment...

the event is open to the public. see the full lineup.

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Monday 27 September 2004

above and below ground in the new york city subway system

27 September 04 @ 10:29
Lovin' the last of these photos, very Amelie.
I adore the view from the train over the Manhattan Bridge... considering the new subway-photo laws, were you stopped or spoken to at all while taking these? Curious.
[I wish my nyc photoblog was up already! ...Soon, tho. ]
27 September 04 @ 12:54
the ban on subway photography is banned, isnt it? or was it lifted?
27 September 04 @ 13:46
How do you take photos of people without them seeming to notice?
27 September 04 @ 16:35
stop pandering to my mass transportation fetish! great shots.
27 September 04 @ 19:10
#2 and #3 have such nice, but different fuzzy, fluorescent glows.
27 September 04 @ 19:16
my favorite is the crossword puzzle - it captures the subway mood well.
27 September 04 @ 19:48
Love the third one. Very cool shot.


27 September 04 @ 22:37
digging the phalanx of guardian angels in fifth one down.
kamau //

27 September 04 @ 23:37
amazing!!! you dare to take out your dslr in NY subway :o bravo for bravery!
dennis //

28 September 04 @ 15:08
The ban never passed and was recently given up.
28 September 04 @ 17:45
mike: really? thats weird because on friday i was almost arrested for "looking" like i was taking pictures in the subway. they hassled me for 30 minutes, searching if i had any warrants out for my arrest etc.
28 September 04 @ 18:26
:: Shutter's Lifting on Subway Pix
"transit sources told the Daily News a total ban may not be enforceable - and that the TA and cops are now working on crafting a more limited restriction."
by Pete Donohue, Sept 13, 04 NY Daily News

:: The Photographer's Right
a downloadable flyer -- Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography

29 September 04 @ 09:08
love the eerie glow in the third one from the top -- nice captures!
29 September 04 @ 16:19

I took one looking into the train window in the first photo:
01 October 04 @ 14:02
I threw up a few photos of the photoblogger meet up last night.
02 October 04 @ 00:43
heya lady. coupla pics from the apple store here on pants:

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