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above, a mix of images from two candlelight vigils: one large unorganized assembly in union square and one more somber and intimate in madison square park. both groups of demonstrators, exhausted from a long week of republicans advertising our tragedy for their gain, gathered to protest the presence of the RNC in new york city and george w. bush's bid at a second term.

more protest coverage.

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Thursday 2 September 2004

candlelight vigils mark the last evening of protest of the republican national convention's occupation

02 September 04 @ 23:30
these photos are all really beautiful.
02 September 04 @ 23:34
#1 is just stunning and powerful. They're all great. You really captured the mood.
03 September 04 @ 00:54
The first image speaks a thousand words. Gosh. Wonderful series.
03 September 04 @ 00:56
Fucking incredible. Really really well done.
03 September 04 @ 04:46
amazing. that first picture is just fantastic - it speaks volumes.
03 September 04 @ 08:06
Very wonderful pictures...I really dig the work you are doing with your new lens!
03 September 04 @ 08:27
wow.. really amazing set jenn-ee.
03 September 04 @ 08:49
looking at these pictures makes me want to go light a candle and hold my own vigil :) the last picture belongs in a M. Night Shyamalan's movie.
03 September 04 @ 10:47
03 September 04 @ 11:53
simply amazing. can i name my firstborn after you, or your url?
03 September 04 @ 12:40
GREAT shots. i'm really digging these.
03 September 04 @ 13:13
They were wrong. A picture is worth a thousand emotions. The first picture is so incredibly moving and brings it all home.
homeopt //

03 September 04 @ 17:30
I love pictures in candlelight. Especially when they are shot properly exposed. Great job Jenn. Your portrait picture taking with the new lens is breathtaking.
03 September 04 @ 23:41
very nicely shot. one can feel the pictures speaking out, very loudly.
04 September 04 @ 00:43
Haunting. excellent shots.
04 September 04 @ 10:08
You exposures have gotten much better as of late. Do you attribute that to the new lens or some new post processing technique?
Matt MacDonald //

04 September 04 @ 12:17
These photos are great. Especially the first.
04 September 04 @ 16:41
Great set, all your shots of the protests have been great. I haven't seen any others on the web that seem to capture the mood and atmosphere as well as yours do.
06 September 04 @ 07:06
Amazing shots, Rion. Amazing!
Erica //

07 September 04 @ 07:03
I was part of this protest as it marched from 19th street up to near Madison Square Garden. Your picutres beautifully capture the diversity of race, age, gender and background of the particpants as well as our message. Thanks.
10 September 04 @ 14:17
I was forwarded these by a friend. They are wonderful stills of some patriotic Americans. I am happy to see the particpation of so many young faces, but saddened when realizing that such young faces need be so serious. Your camera captured the need to bring back their youthful smiles. Excellent work.
Paul //

27 September 04 @ 15:06
All of the above and more. Great pictures! Im touched and moved. I especially like the way you have captured the woman holding up the recruiter poster - the expression in her face just says it all!
11 December 06 @ 17:28
very very cool pictures
14 June 13 @ 08:14
The protest has been initiated for the noble course. People really want a difference to be made in their present situation and this is the reason that they had put up the protest. I would also like to show my agreement to this.
maggie //

26 June 13 @ 05:46
12 July 13 @ 06:37
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lisa //

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01 August 13 @ 17:06

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