camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel


after-parade hijinks in coney island. yesterday: moby & the mermaids.

more mermaid parade photos at meccapixel, stephanie klein, gothampixel, noncestrealite, photos in flash at ortgeist, one from /colorstalker, one from joe's nyc and full coverage spectator photos from forgotton-ny.

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Monday 28 June 2004

coney island debauchery takes the mermaid parade

28 June 04 @ 14:46
Rion, these are superb!
Hilary //

29 June 04 @ 10:58
crazy! i've never heard of this thing...

i love #1 and #5...

29 June 04 @ 17:44
These are amazing, I think you captured the spirit of the event quite well. I could never imagine dressing like that, these people have confidence! I really enjoyed 2 & 3. :)
30 June 04 @ 03:55
Thanks much for the good word and link. It tipped me of to all the great pics you have here! I think it's great that you managed to get so many shots outside of the parade itself. You've captured really telling candid moments as well as some interesting characters.
Daniel Harvey //

05 July 04 @ 22:09
If I didn't know better, I'd say that's Madonna (the onlooker) in the 2nd shot. In fact, I'd be willing to bet good money that it is her =)
18 July 13 @ 04:27
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