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Wednesday 5 May 2004

manhattan's upper west side brightens with spring

05 May 04 @ 05:20
is that a mattress in the 4th picture? :D
05 May 04 @ 06:43
What's the structure in the third picture?
Matt //

05 May 04 @ 10:20
yep, that's a mattress!

and i'm guessing that green bridgy thing is part of the original west side highway, tho i don't know for sure. (that link is a great read for ny-history buffs even if i'm wrong.)

05 May 04 @ 11:10
~xlnt series, tons of interesting details, well done/presented!~
05 May 04 @ 15:14
I like the rim-lit clouds in the reflection of the buildings
Blaine //

05 May 04 @ 22:04
wow, again amazing pictures - that green bridge/red tree looks so "Bostonish" to me though! Idunno why it does, especically, I have never been to Boston... ha anyways, yay for the upper west side!
07 May 04 @ 04:55
i like the cake!!
07 May 04 @ 23:52
I really love the first and second ones.
08 May 04 @ 19:27
i think the first picture looks so pretty. I love how the little girl is sitting in the background. I just wish that branch across the middle wouldn't be there. it's still lovely though :)
lily //

11 May 04 @ 23:20
Love how you captured that split second when that tree branch suddenly snapped, and came crashing down on that poor little girls head and all the while the flowers bloomed. That woman in shot #5 really has a lantern fetish. Oh by the way, have you tken the ZAGAT Survey--I aced it!!!
joe g //

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