camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel

camera: canon eos digital rebel
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Thursday 1 April 2004

city breakfast up close at university diner union square

01 April 04 @ 01:16
Now those are truly amazing shots. Wonderful!
01 April 04 @ 03:23
Mhmm, romantic! Nice work, as usual :)
01 April 04 @ 11:58
you work is great- i love the breakfast shots
sly //

01 April 04 @ 13:43
who would have thought something so simple could photograph so well. so much detail in the photos too.
01 April 04 @ 17:27
More pictures of food and drink, please. These are great!
Susan //

01 April 04 @ 23:23
thx! if you like these, you'll enjoy red's take on my midnight breakfast at a 2nd ave diner last november.
02 April 04 @ 05:26
I now, know why in 2001 I visited this site, ever since. This reminds of why I love photography, short of the long: I am inspired.
02 April 04 @ 10:37
You always concentrate on some detailed things in your life, that's so amazing.
02 April 04 @ 11:43
The Maple Syrup has invaded the egg territory!!! Danger! Danger!
Louis //

02 April 04 @ 11:52
I was just thinking: we need to get brunch when I'm in town. You read my mind.
SoRelle //

02 April 04 @ 11:54
Do you have any problems regardng taking photos of your food? You see, I've tried this several times but I often get weird stares and looks from passers-by or people in the cafe or resto. There was this one time when a security guard even asked me not to photograph my cup of coffee. Anyway nice shots (as always). :)
02 April 04 @ 12:02
Every one of these is beautifully composed.
04 April 04 @ 12:32
These are fantastic. Truly Fantastic. Im trying to figure out where the diner is, but I cant.
04 April 04 @ 12:55
I figured it out. The diner on 12th street and University? I used to live in that neighborhood! In that building!
04 April 04 @ 16:11
that's it. :)
04 April 04 @ 18:45
wow i love the 2nd picture wiht the flowers and the city background :)
05 April 04 @ 00:50
16 comments on breakfast!?!
05 April 04 @ 06:47
Jummie!! :)
08 April 04 @ 15:07
Wow. You've really captured the theoretical beauty and essence of breakfast. What I would like to see are the shots from the previous night's beer bash. The blurred and lamed cropped images of stacked beer cans and idly scattered cigarette butts with a few people passed out on their faces in the background. Just forget it, got my own.
joe g //

10 April 04 @ 03:59
Eggs and Maple Syrup! I'm starting to feel queasy...
12 April 04 @ 13:03
great photos,
i love the macro esp. the last shot
20 April 04 @ 13:50
Looks like Rebel takes pretty darn sharp images. Me want one also!
10 January 06 @ 20:58
Found this thru a link from cityrag. You are an amazing photographer -- I think I'm a bit jealous, but I will get over it! These pictures are stunning - color, sharpness, light...But what am I talling you that you haven't already heard?
Marie //

02 January 07 @ 20:26
kyrie //

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