above, the chrysler building lobby and views from the 26th floor. created in during the jazz age of the late 1920s and finished in 1930, the chrysler building is one of the pinnacles of the art deco movement. more...

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circa 1929, art deco ocean on 42nd
circa 1930: daily news globe
circa 1935-ish: murals at 30 rock.

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Tuesday 9 March 2004

stealth shots from inside of nyc's chrysler building

10 March 04 @ 02:12
i love these photos! i was just working on a logo w/ an art deco flare today. so beautiful!
10 March 04 @ 09:33
These are amazing. Your images are always inspiring. It is clear that you are a designer. Do you ever sell rights to the photos for commercial purposes?
Christa //

10 March 04 @ 17:22
These pictures are wonderful. The Chrysler building should sell them as postcards. I really love the first two... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Aram //

10 March 04 @ 18:17
i think these are badly lit and too quickly shot actually... but thx. they're fun for snapshots.

christa: i've licensed photos as stock, and have been a photographer for work projects. i haven't pursued more than that.

11 March 04 @ 14:02
Great pictures. I'm always trying to wait for an empty elevator when I try to go the Chrysler Building, but guards look at me funny.
13 March 04 @ 06:04
New York here I come...well, maybe not now but someday...Great job

13 March 04 @ 16:37
There are great, and I particularly like the first and second; the former for the quality of light and its compostion, and the latter for its 'richness' and clarity.
16 April 04 @ 00:39
Is it possible to get pictures of the interior on the 70-77 floors? The pictures are quite unique and spectacluar. I really admire this building a lot.
Nestor Jai //

02 September 04 @ 01:33
Is it possible to cry over this building? These images capture the interiors so well. I am interested in seeing more.
amanda kearins //

31 March 05 @ 10:13
i love the chrysler building and its history is great. can you get a picture of the celing fresco entitled "transprot and human endeavor" because iv looked everywhere and need it thanks. great site looking forward to seeing more
21 April 05 @ 18:24
these are very amazing pictures oh and i want to see the ceiling too.
angel //

09 May 05 @ 07:23
I too would like to see the interior of very top floors. Are any photos available?
08 October 05 @ 13:34
fantastic pictures
niek jetten //

12 May 06 @ 11:44
Thank you. Do you know the way to see more interiors photos of this wonder?. Thank you VERY MUCH. Please: Im going to New York early, but I think its not visitable except hall.
manolo //

23 April 13 @ 03:08
Everything looks nice! You have done a great job here! Your website has been a source of information for many of writing tasks. I like your photos and the topics you cover. I am a student taking up Architecture and it's my habit to look online for inspirations. Keep it up!!
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