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sunday brings a fresh coat of snow to the city, and though the rain has already washed it away for monday, it seems that new yorkers (and a floridian) flocked to central park to build times people and animals.

more snow in central park.

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Sunday 14 December 2003

central park snowmen

14 December 03 @ 22:59
nice fla snowman
don g //

15 December 03 @ 19:08
the one constructed by the orange snowsuit individual seems to defy gravity.
16 December 03 @ 12:15
Hey, what's that snowman smoking? I really like voodoo snowman!
joe g //

16 December 03 @ 13:09
Interesting presentation combining black and white photos with color ones. Would have liked to have seen more detail in the black part of the black and whites.
These remind me of the old days and Brownie cameras and all.
Quite imaginative SnowPeople and Pets and Etc's.
16 December 03 @ 13:29
funny you should mention the b/w balance... i shot them dark to emphasize the levels of white in the snow. then in photoshop, i actually pushed the blacks more flat black, and i was thinking i hadn't pushed them enough...
16 December 03 @ 18:13
I like the ideas that you are working on in the b/w. I think this has a lot of potential. There are at least three design directions so far that I can see that could be developed further. I especially like the unassuming compositions. That too has so much potential.
Arlee //

05 December 06 @ 19:59
those are pretty cool
david //

22 May 07 @ 12:34
Simplesmente maravilhosas estas fotos. Eu amo NY mesmo sem nunca ter ido conhec�-la. Muito obrigado pela beleza que v�.
Vera //

17 February 09 @ 14:58
Celestial Elf of England says that the London Snowman was talking about the Snowpersons of Central Park today. He send s them every best wish, and may be heard doing so here.... haha enjoy.
celestial elf //

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