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Friday 21 November 2003

big city bright lights magic cold november nights

21 November 03 @ 00:49
damn girl! hey cuz, every single one of these photos are absolutely amazing. The lighting, the perspective and everything is perfect and totally beautiful.
new york seems surreal through your eyes. so glamorous! you kick major butt!
21 November 03 @ 08:59
As usual, I'm jealous... nice shots. Amazed at the quality you get with the 230, I take it most of these were handheld.
21 November 03 @ 09:14
just found this page
just want to say: ' love your pictures
thank you for letting me see this piece of your piece of this world

deep wishes

fewcherries //

21 November 03 @ 11:34
i love the first three, in large part for their purple cast. now if only the skating picture had that cast . . . ;-)
21 November 03 @ 22:17
Rather Warm November Nights, perhaps?
Picture wise, very nice! I like the light effects and the poor bike.. sigh.
24 November 03 @ 15:35
I love the fact that drug trafficing has gone Vegas, and is promoted in neon. Yo, keep up the good work Bigelow!
joe g //

25 November 03 @ 14:45
As a native Nu Yawker residing in NC, I love your pictures! I can taste the Hot Pretzels and hear the sounds as I write. Thanks for the connection.
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