one of my favorite places in the city, the american museum of natural history, not only has wonderful planetarium shows, but has recently refurbished its hall of ocean life, seen above.

more amnh from the archives, and from 2 years ago: the hayden planetarium.

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Tuesday 18 November 2003

wonder and majesty at the museum of natural history

17 November 03 @ 23:28
You've found Nemo! I like the colors of all the pics.
18 November 03 @ 00:01
Agree about the colors - and fun to look at the planetarium ones from a couple years ago. You've come a long way, baby ;^)
18 November 03 @ 10:05
this reminds me that i haven't yet been to the new hall of ocean life, but that i should. i was there for the vietnam exhibit last time (on my birthday!) and didn't have time to see the rest of the museum. i love the anemone photo. what kind of film/camera are you shooting? whenever i shoot in aquariums, the exposures get too long and everything goes blurry.
18 November 03 @ 13:35
very beautiful, is this hand held or tripod?
18 November 03 @ 15:11
handheld, but railings and columns can help steady my elph 230 in low light...
18 November 03 @ 16:10
Oh man...its been so long since I have been there. years and years...miss grabbing coffee outside the MET and then walking to the Natural History Museum...Coming home soon..even for just a little while.

these images really make me day...I'll be back.

19 November 03 @ 01:10
the whale looks like it's in a real ocean. nice. i hope someday there'll be a museum as good as that in our country. {dream on, hehe} nice pix.
19 November 03 @ 04:09
Hey ! Tahtīs Nemo! :) Thatīs a place when Iīd stay all day.
19 November 03 @ 07:57
those are AMAZING pictures and the minute i saw them i had to try to figure out how i could get my husband to take me to NY to see them up close....he wasn't as enthused - but these are still amazing images
supasoulsista //

20 November 03 @ 15:17
those pictures are absolutely beautiful.... no really.
21 November 03 @ 18:30
Looks like you had a whale of a time! I feel hungry now, maybe I'll have a tuna fish sandwich, yummy!!
joe g //

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