NEW YORK (AP) The city's most famous Christmas decoration was carefully lifted into place in Rockefeller Center on Thursday, continuing the annual tradition of holiday evergreen amid midtown skyscrapers.

The tree -- already adorned with its natural spruce cones -- will be decked with more than 30,000 lights and a 10-foot star... It will be lighted during a ceremony on Dec. 3 and remain in place until Jan. 7. -- AP, via minneapolis' WCCO.

the decorated tree in dec 2002, from the archives.

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Thursday 13 November 2003

despite winds, the tree goes up at rockefeller center

13 November 03 @ 23:08
Rion, Do you know how much you rock? You not only manage to get great photos that show an insider's view of New York City, but you manage to be there get the photos all NYC photogs want to shoot... like the Rockefeller Christmas tree going up. Way to go!!!
14 November 03 @ 00:31
wow, congratulations. these are really excellent.
14 November 03 @ 00:31
(that was me, stating the obvious...) (how did you get into the WB building?...) ; )
14 November 03 @ 09:16
One day, I'll come down to see NYC in all it's Christmas glory.
14 November 03 @ 09:51
great shots as usual! I've only seen the tree once with the lights all decked out, but I've never watched them put it up! thanks!
17 November 03 @ 08:23
Will you take some shots in this pine when have the lamps yep? It will be nice!
19 November 03 @ 14:28
hey, that tree used to be just around the corner from where i work! and now it's the most famous tree in the world. slater street and tolland turnpike represent!
m //

23 November 04 @ 16:05
Hello I hope you can help me. I am trying to do a project about the Rockefeller Center Christmas trees from the past. 1960, to be exact. My Mother, who has passed away, had a christmas tree taken from her house in Newmilford, PA. Where would I find archived stories or pictures from that year? Thank you in advance Donna Serpa (Mothers Maiden name, Bonnie Owens)
Donna Serpa //

02 December 04 @ 18:09
I'm looking for a print/poster of the 2003 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
Alma Henry //

07 October 06 @ 10:34
I just read your websit for the tree in NYC. I just read a posting for the 1960 tree. I actually have a book with pictures and information about the trees. and there is information about that tree how can I get in touch with Donna Serpa thank you for your help
matthew wegener //

06 June 08 @ 11:45
Actually the 1960 tree was taken from Emanual and Olga Owens home in New Milford, Pa. Maybe the correct name will help with the search process.
unknown //

15 July 13 @ 08:44
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Steve Brad //

16 July 13 @ 12:30


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