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you can't sit in columbus circle without looking up at the new TimeWarner Center that has claimed some sky above the city in the last few years. compare: construction on april 12 '03 and today's almost complete towers.

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Monday 10 November 2003

columbus circle at dusk

10 November 03 @ 19:36
yeah, i go to NYIT. i see the damn thing everyday. it's undoubtedly cool...especially emerging from the subway and watching these humongous towers grow right in front of you.

wow, that second shot with the sign is really great.

mia //

10 November 03 @ 23:46
Not only does the building (do the buildings?) look different now, they are a completely new idea. It is Time and Warner that stand here now, not America and Online... and it somehow feels quite powerful this way...
Did you use a tripod?... or did you drink a couple of beers, as I hear these are also pretty good stabilizers for such crisp pictures shot with such amazingly steady hand...
12 November 03 @ 01:09
hey cuz! nice stuff. i especially adore #2. great shot!
12 November 03 @ 12:44
Agreed, that second shot is a killer. Has a strange futuristic retro thing going for it. Excellent juxtaposition/composition.
13 November 03 @ 18:09
wow.. #2 is amazing j!
21 November 03 @ 18:42
Niiiice...the Towers of Babylon, right? I say the picture of Mike acting like a hero, holding his hands up without a shirt, in the freezing cold is pretty damn cool.
joe g //

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