open house new york, an event known in the uk, canada, and a few other cities where normally-private spaces around the city are opened to the public, kicked off an inaugural year in nyc this last weekend. david, fiona, mike c and i headed over to sunset park, brooklyn, to explore green-wood cemetery with cameras in hand. a nice sidenote to greenwood: they show movies, too.

above: the green-wood catacombs. this event marked first public access to the catacombs in 165 years. more info at

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Sunday 12 October 2003

open house new york opens the greenwood catacombs

13 October 03 @ 02:39
sad but fashinating
13 October 03 @ 02:43
sorry, I meant fascinating of course (English is a very difficult language for Italians :-)
13 October 03 @ 10:34
a little creepy. i love it!
14 October 03 @ 08:55
The last home! ... to the body!
Eduardo Marquetti //

20 October 03 @ 10:12
Whoa. You managed to capture a beauty and an eerieness at the same time!
06 November 03 @ 11:11
i really dig the third photo with the blue-ish light flash. it looks really ghostie.
UrbanRemix //

29 May 13 @ 00:57
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05 August 13 @ 11:48
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