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Friday 5 September 2003

typographical lee vining

04 September 03 @ 22:46
I love these shots! I mean I really love these shots!
04 September 03 @ 23:55
i agree with him...i love these shots, too! Especially number three with the light peering out from behing the building.
05 September 03 @ 03:20
hey girl if you're spinning through SF or Berkeley give me a shout out! I'm all tan back from the burning man and I'm open for business...
05 September 03 @ 12:58
Alan! darn it... we left SF late wednesday. will definitely have to coordinate next time. would love to see you and get a tour of the berkeley digs. --- so good to hear from you!
05 September 03 @ 13:58
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I hope the clouds are that perfect for my trip in October.
05 September 03 @ 16:23
The light in the third photo is incredible!
05 September 03 @ 16:41
That last one is quite nice.
06 September 03 @ 19:15
Isn't She Lovely?
Eran Seliko Mahalu //

06 September 03 @ 19:17
Call it a photoLog, call it bla bla...theyre all my children
18 May 06 @ 14:56
I love the singer lee rion
rowan // http://sudan

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