a few of the grittier ufo 907 graffiti photos from the neighborhood of williamsburg, brooklyn.

and a new find in ufo stalkers:, a new site allowing new yorkers to contribute ufo sightings from around the city. (i'll definitely have to contribute one or two or three... or um... four or five from my archives.)

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Thursday 7 August 2003

they're out there... more ufo graffiti sightings in brooklyn

07 August 03 @ 12:32
It almost seems too easy to locate them nowadays, doesn' it? But, much like Lay's potato chips, you can't snap just one. Great work!
08 August 03 @ 12:21
watched UFO work on and then photograph one of his "pieces" - thought he was all on the sly, but there he was, and there we were standing up on the 9th floor of our building with a pair of binoculars...
09 August 03 @ 01:22
Not only are they UFOs, but UFO's with alien's acting as the top half of their spacecraft. That's probably the strangest part of it all.
11 August 03 @ 17:09
dori, that is the ultimate ufo sighting, for sure.
19 August 03 @ 01:37
i like how he even had time to tag mulder's parked car for only $6,500. the thing that pisses me off, is the fact that his tentacle counts are always different, come on everyone knows that the large headed venugians have only five tentacles coming out of their ass!
joe g //

20 August 03 @ 11:20
rion - what i'd REALLY like to see (or who i'd like to meet, rather) is the person who, for a brief period, was putting up those beautiful graffiti flowers in really ugly spots. that was so nice (we have a few down the street from our (very ugly) building. as i play dodge-the-dog-shit hopscotch i look at those flowers and things are a bit better.
20 August 03 @ 11:39
dori: i have those flowers around my neighborhood, too. they are quite nice for graffiti. i'm always about to take a photo of them before i remember that my friend geoff of macrostate has recorded them in some of his work, and more importantly, if i start another graf "collection", i might get manic. ;)
29 September 03 @ 22:27
i love this stuff. i thought i was the only diehard fan
29 April 04 @ 12:01
Wow! I can't believe I found this site. I see these UFOs everyday on my commute into work on the Hudson line...3 of them. I call them octostags, as they remind me of octopi. I also had a sighting in the parking lot of Home Depot in Yonkers.
Alyssa //

11 October 04 @ 07:55
I love the UFO guy, I always look for him when I am in Wmsbrg. And I agree with dori (above) about the flowers, I have noticed them too! And they are on the ugliest buildings that really need them. We need more of that!
16 May 05 @ 01:45
Tha Ufo guy got graffiti all over the place
JohnnyBlaze //

21 June 05 @ 12:19
I love the UFO! Does anyone know who is behind it? When I was living in Williamsburg, I always found solace in looking at the UFO -- sometimes it looked exuberant, sometimes it looked melancholy, but usually it just looked surprised and confused.
jota //

06 October 05 @ 21:48
They´ve got em in costa rica
Jeff //

21 June 06 @ 16:54
23 June 06 @ 02:39
UFO sighting in Bangkok and Krabi, Thailand
Sarah //

11 July 06 @ 11:01
UFO 907 hit Bangkok recently as well. I'm a New Yorker who currently lives in BKK, and was surprised to come across a few of these here. See the URL for a photo.
11 September 07 @ 12:02
this ufo dude has a gallery in the lower east side_hes world famous already he has t-shirts and I think did something on mtv, and he has asian people (females) doing his artwork for him on canvas right in his gallery, what a shame.
h0d //

06 April 08 @ 08:45
I caught a UFO tag upstate in NY, on a dumpster. Perhaps it was tagged in the city where the dumpster co. comes from? Perhaps the aliens are invading the countryside. Whooooo knows??
14 May 08 @ 08:07
sept 11the comment by HOD is nearly all wrong... yesh the recognition is world wide, but all other comments by this fool..are in-acurate.
shaman vic //

23 January 11 @ 23:35
He dated one of my roommates a few years back. I can't imagine that any of that stuff HOD said is true. Just seemed like a really humble and quiet, but nice guy.
ctrboyk //

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