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Saturday 12 July 2003

robots walk the streets of north williamsburg brooklyn

12 July 03 @ 22:38
i do love ur foto blog. love nyc too :()
where do u get this cute robot //

13 July 03 @ 21:51
Wow, this is really fun work.
13 July 03 @ 22:00
ok... you take the best pictures ever. or at least you know how to digitally make them look like the best pictures ever. nice! :-)
22 July 03 @ 23:17
wow. i am blown away. what do you do for a living? this is SUCH A GREAT site. i feel like i have to meet you b/c only a creative genius w/ an eye for the quirky can see all this beauty -- keep it up. i love it.
franz k // http://none

19 September 04 @ 06:54
this artist is/was from richmond va. I once saw an installation of over 5000 robot drawings... near the end of the opening he broke about 500 paintings and gave them out to his friends...
awesome dude //

11 October 04 @ 07:55
These robots are fun to look for, like a scavenger hunt. Collect 'em all!
08 August 06 @ 22:10
absolutely amazing.
jane //

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