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Tuesday 8 April 2003

south pond wonderland scenes in snowy central park

09 April 03 @ 01:55
SNOW?! ... we are experiencing beautiful spring weather here in northern california.
09 April 03 @ 05:25
Hey there, nice photos!!! Here in Amsterdam (NL) the sun is shinning, its cold.. but nice. And you guys got snow.. :D Hey I like your site as well.. never been to NY but I feel like I have been after checking this site. Keep on the good work! And of course, check out my website! Nice images of Amsterdam and surround'. Later, Sebastiaan
09 April 03 @ 12:50
I ♥ NY!
09 April 03 @ 13:57
i wish it snowed in vancouver once and a while.
09 April 03 @ 19:59
SNOW? I hope you people put on your designer labeled radiation suits, cause that there is a heavy blanket of radiation fallout from a secret government nuclear test (ie: nuclear winter) done to look like snow. Its so convincing, you can even see your breath. Well, have a holly, jolly Easter! Good stuff!!
Joe G //

10 April 03 @ 19:04
the duck picture is for me, right? :)
laa //

10 April 03 @ 19:46
Nuclear fallout...yeah, I like that. But what I really want to know is what the heck you did with Fred and Ginger........(scenes out of time...)
skw //

10 April 03 @ 23:49
I have been visiting for a while and just wanted to say that i love your site. Great design great pictures! keep up the good work-sean
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