on the opposite spectrum of manhattan news... ringling bros is at madison square garden. as they do each year when the circus comes to town, the elephants exited the queens midtown tunnel and marched across town on 34th street at midnight. brooklynkid and i went to see: pachyderms on parade.
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Wednesday 19 March 2003

times sq: signs of war

20 March 03 @ 09:55
as long as we have the electricity and phone lines ..we can tap into sites like yours and avoid the mainstream hype
angel //

23 March 03 @ 17:44
Most normal Iraqies (more than 85% of them) live in fear and poverty caused by Saddam. War is worth the price to them if it will remove Saddam, but the real test will come after the fighting. If the Bush administration isn't effective in the healing process after the damage made by war and (more importantly) the Palestinian conflict, there'll be a huge price to pay. I mean, when people have nothing to live for - nothing left to lose, what's to stop them from becoming extremists and blowing themselves up until the world pays attention to them?

It's sad that the world isn't more aware of what's going on because they'd realize it's not about going to war or stopping it (people will die regardless, because of the current Saddam regime.) The question should be about long term stability without some odd-extremist ready to kill himself and hundred other people with him.

C'mon media people in the USA, show the whole truth and educate people instead of being so narrow.

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