created during the jazz age of the late 1920s and finished in 1930, the chrysler building is one of the pinnacles of the art deco movement. it's known for it's stainless steel sun-beamed top and it's gargoyle-like eagles. rumor has it that in the skyscraper's peak, at the top of its 77 floors, is a small bathroom with a window overlooking the city.

for more info, visit great buildings or the city review, and check's archived postcard.

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Thursday 20 February 2003

art deco mecca in the sky: the chrysler building

22 February 03 @ 00:18
Go inside for crying out loud!! I've seen the outside hundreds of times. Show me something new!!!! Make me interested in why you're interested. Photoblogs can be so one sided.
22 February 03 @ 00:23
Note to self: don't comment on others photo blogs after 2 beers and 4 tequlia on the rocks. They might realize how you REALLY feel about digital photo blogs. Oops... did I just type that outloud?
22 February 03 @ 00:24
Rion... Nice photos!!!!
22 February 03 @ 00:27
g$, you're such a lameass. stop drinking like a tool and update your site more often!
17 May 13 @ 08:22
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17 June 13 @ 14:46
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